Sarah B.

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Age: 31

Favorite word(s): light, vielleicht, verwirrt... any word that sounds nice, really :)

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

I am the runner

I am she who flies in the night

I am the silent

I am she who lives in the city of light


I am myself,

I am no one else

I am the old,

I am very, very young


I am the rescuer

I am the girl with a sword

I am the protector

I am a girl with many dresses, many names


I am the fighter

I am she that walks unseen

I am the invisible lover

I am a dream


I am a child

I am the ghost of this city

I am the watcher

I am she who waits -


(Written for a story character of mine, but most of them fit me as well!)


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