I danced - ‘twas but a little dance

A Poem By Sarah B. // 4/25/2009

I read too much Emily Dickenson, so I had to write something in her style. :)

I danced - ‘twas but a little dance
And very poor besides -
I simply felt I would not know
If I had never tried.

I spun around - I laughed and spun,
A minute - maybe three -
Surely that was not cause enough
For the world to turn on me! -

But as soon as I had stopped,
The room tipped up on end.
I fell, but then it started up,
And twirled me ‘round again.

The lights flashed by in streaks of white -
Started over, flashed again -
Set adrift upon the ocean,
They drowned me ‘cause I couldn’t swim -

‘Twas a cruel punishment
That did upon me fall -
I merely danced for ecstacy
I meant to harm - at all -


I like this one. I haven't

I like this one. I haven't read a lot of Emily Dickenson, and all I really know, is that she lived in her house by herself for pretty much all of her life. At least, I think it was her...might have been someone else...What a sad exsistance.....Anyway, good poem, good poem.

~The Brit

Anonymous | Mon, 04/27/2009

I think she just lived with

I think she just lived with her parents. But she didn't mix in society too much, I know that.

Sarah B. | Mon, 04/27/2009

I really really like this poem.

I love Emily Dickinson! This is a very cute and funny poem, and it does sound like her style, but not 100%....it's still unique. Great job!


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-Anne Blythe, "Anne of Ingleside"

KatieSara | Mon, 04/27/2009


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"

Now you've got me reading

Now you've got me reading her stuff! We have a whole book of it, so I'm quite suplied. You know, she really is quite good. So sad that it wasn't 'til after she died that her stuff was finally recodized. She never got the honor of the praise.

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The Brit | Tue, 04/28/2009