A Poem By Sarah // 2/25/2008

Soaring, flying,

gliding on the wings of the wind.

Rising higher,

than the very clouds.

Wind rushing,

ruffling my hair.

I scream,

ecstatic, turning downwards;


for hundreds of feet;

Pulling up

at the last second,


Whipping around pinnacles of rock,

tall spires reaching dead, frozen arms,

far up into the sky.

The thrill!

The adventure!

The joy!

It’s indescribable!

I hear a sharp sound,

jolting me suddenly.

I reluctantly fall to earth,

my wings being clipped.


I cannot escape from drag me down.

I open my tearstained eyes,

reality appears before my eyes.

I reach longingly for my fantasy,

disappearing before my eyes.

Imagination has but one flaw,

Before reality it cannot survive.



This made me want to cry though I'm not sure why! :) I love this because it's seperated like a poem though it doesn't rhyme! I like this very mush as I do want to I don't want to fall! :) I like the ending where you wrote: Imagination has one flaw/before reality it cannot survive.


Emily | Tue, 02/26/2008


Thanks, I love to write about flying, though I often find it difficult to put on paper how much I love it.
As I said, it's indescribable.
~Sarah H

Sarah | Tue, 02/26/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


I love the IDEA of flying (not on a plane of course), but I'm not sure how well I would actually like it, I'm terribly afraid of heights.... Or at least falling from heights.

Tamerah | Thu, 02/28/2008

Nicely done!

I love the thought of flight, as well. (not too keen on hights though). Ofcourse, if you have read my bio, you already know that that is my future; flying planes, that is.

Nathanael | Thu, 02/28/2008

We are waiting for the long-promised invasion.
So are the fishes. ~ Winston Churchill


Profoundly sad...

Ezra | Thu, 02/28/2008

"There are no great men of God. There are only pitiful, sorry men whose God is great beyond measure." - Paul Washer [originally Jonathan Edwards]


i know!
whenever i have a dream i'm flying, i almost
cry when I wake up!
I love it so much, i can't bear it when i have to come back to earht!
Whether it's in an airplane, or my imagination.
Sadly, it's usually imagination and not real life.
~Sarah H

Sarah | Thu, 02/28/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


woops it did post...

Velocity | Sat, 03/01/2008

The Truth will set you free.

Very Good!

I like it!
you did a good job,
and wrote it well!!

*happy face*

Velocity | Sat, 03/01/2008

The Truth will set you free.


I wish that you could fly, or atleast for some. that'd be cool to dream that I could fly.!

*happy face*

Velocity | Sat, 03/01/2008

The Truth will set you free.