Visions of a Poet

A Poem By Sarah // 9/13/2008

Abstract, random thoughts

flit through my mind,

manifesting themselves

through meaningless doodles.

Pieces and fragments

of long-forgotten events,

mixed and swirled together,

welded into glowing stained-glass.

Shining visions,

of battles won.

And of victorious armies,

standing o'er their trembling foes.

Begging mothers,

interceding on their children's behalf;

selflessing sacrificing all,

to save those they love.

Majestic tree,

standing firm;

the oldest beings,

existing in the earth.

Dancing children,

spinning in circles.

Wild abandon,

shining glee.

Powerful kings,

seated on their thrones.

Absolute power,

resting in their hands.

Gentle healers,

comfort in their hands,

peace in their gaze;

Soothing hurt bodies and spirits.

Two figures standing

in the midst of a riot.

Unaware of anything,

besides their steadfast love.

Vision following visions,

each more powerful than the last.

Death and Glory, Bloodshed and Victory,
Gentleness and Love, Healing and Soothing,

Grace and Beauty, in everything I see.


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