My Cat on my Lap

An Essay By Sarah // 2/17/2009

I know I'm not really supposed to bring my cat into the house since Steve (my stepdad) is allergic, but................everyone was gone and I couldn't resist. I got up form the computer and went outside and whistled and called her a few times. M-kity came trotting out from underneath one of the vehicles and curled around my ankles. (Yes, my cat does come when I whistle and call her name-usually) I picked her up and carried her in the house and sat back down on the computer and alternated petting her and typing. She reciprocated by purring and kneading my legs very hard. I appreciated the gesture, but come on! That hurt! However, like a good cat owner I ignored it and typed through the pain. Katie, my dog, views cats as the devil impersonated so she took up guard duty and lay close to my chair, staring at M-Kitty, and if looks could kill, I'm sure that cat would be dead. About that time M-Kitty decided it was time for indoors exploration and continually tried to sneak away. That was a bad idea because if she got on any of the upholstered furniture* or Steve and Mom's bed it could result in a visit to the hospital for Steve, so I told her quite firmly that if she tried to sneak away again, I'd put her back outside. For awhile she contented herself with draping herself over my left arm and staring right back at Katie who was looking a little more intense all the time. I continued to type with M-Kitty's full weight on my arm-not an easy feat, I assure you. She continued to purr and knead my arm.

*Why is furniture with carpet on it called upholstered anyway? It makes it sound like every couch has guns tucked under the cushions or something. :/

Anyway, M-Kitty got off my arm eventually and curled around in my lap with a disdainful sigh. With a delicate paw she tapped the key board a few times-never hard enough to depress any keys-perhaps she was trying to learn how to type-I don't know what she was thinking. M-Kitty switched sides and resumed staring at Katie who stared back twice as hard as before. M-Kitty started kneading my leg and and purred. I scratched her head every few minutes and coninued to browse the web and participate in a few RPs. That can be difficult when there are eight holes being punched in your thighs every four seconds. M-Kitty draped herself over my left arm again-why? Probably just because she could. Now it was my arm having holes punched in it every few seconds. She sniffed my hot cocoa a few times experimentally but thankfully refrained from sampling it. A bit after that she must have gotten bored because she started turning circles in my lap and kneading my leg harder than before if that's possible. I wsa pretty much used to it by now and kept typing at top speed. By this point she had a cycle going:

1: Turn two circles then pause and knead Sarah's leg while purring
2: Turn around one more time and stare at the dog while kneading Sarah's leg and purring
3: Drape oneself over Sarah's left arm and knead her arm while purring.
4: Nuzzle Sarah's arm and beg to be petted while kneading her legs and purring.
5. Be petted
6: Repeat.

I tolerated this awhile and was relieved when she lay down and seemingly decided to just lay still awhile-while staring at the Katie who hadn't moved an inch from her post since I brought M-Kitty in the house. I thought that was commendable, not every dog has that kind of soldier mentality. I'd often seen her lie perfectly still for more than a half hour, waiting for a squirrel to get comfy and safe feeling and come down out of a tree. The squirrel would scamper down and move about a foot away from the tree.
Katie wouldn't move.
The squirrel would move a few inches away from the tree than stare at Katie; probably trying to determine if she was going to move or not.
She wouldn't.
The squirrel would at that point make a mad dash for the next tree over. Katie would hold her position until the squirrel was as close to her as it would then race madly toward the squirrel and just barely miss it as the squirrel would fly up the trunk and stop when it was safely on the lowest branch-which was just above her reach-and chatter at her while she whined and barked with agitation. The squirrel would then leisurely ascend the tree and disappear into the leaves. Katie would pace around unhappily for awhile then lie down, waiting for the next squirrel to venture out of the tree tops. Suprisingly, stayed in one position for quite awhile, purring and kneading my leg all the while.
I was on the quest for the Perfect Avatar at this point and I was determined to find it. I searched Google. When that failed I searched Yahoo. After that I went to a few artists' websites I knew about and found a few neat ones, but the Perfect Avatar was elusive and hid from me. M-Kitty decided she wanted to leave so I picked her up and took her back outside. I set her down on the driveway and watched as she trotted off without looking back. I went back inside and sat back down in front of the computer. Katie came up to and sniffed my lap, doubtless making sure the cat was gone and I-her precious owner-was none the worse for wear, despite having the Devil Incarnate in my lap. She nuzzled my hand ad I petted her absentmindedly as I clicked on a link. I sipped my now-cold hot cocoa and misseed the warmth of cat on my lap. The only thing I had to remind me of that fateful half hour was a memory of a small body purring loudly, and what looked like a rash on my legs where she had kneaded them to her heart's content.


I love cats. I have a cat

I love cats. I have a cat that wieghs fifteen pounds and is white with some orange on her head and tail and bright blue eyes (she is beautiful). it's funny when she plays with a string or something because she looks like a lion. She sometimes sleeps by my pillow at night.

My sister has a cat that's name is Tigger, but I call her The Rattin/Ratty/Rattakin/Rat. These names come from when she was a younger, yet not a kitten, and she look like a rat and was/is like kitten. She is really cute; she has brown, grey, and orange strippes, but has white paws and chest.

They play with each other, and the difference in sieze is so funny.

Our dog is beagle. She plays with The Rattin, and runs from Big Mama (my sisters name for my cat). So funny......I love my animals.

Oh, by the way, I lie this essay.

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The Brit | Tue, 02/17/2009

Really cute, Sarah. I love

Really cute, Sarah. I love cats. :)
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Clare Marie | Tue, 02/17/2009

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The whole time that I was

The whole time that I was reading this, my cat was on my lap. He is like, 20 lbs. and white. I love him and he loves me. I have succesfully trained him not to knead me though.
I personally predict that the world will come crashing to a halt if you don't forward this to 50 Gazillion people by noon tomorow!!
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Keri | Tue, 02/17/2009

So cute! I have a gray

So cute! I have a gray scaredy- cat named Shasta who only lets me pet him, and he's obsessed with licking himself.
I also have an orange striped Scottish fold named Tiger. He is the funniest cat I've ever met, he isn't afraid of anything! Cats are cool. That was a cute essay!

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E | Mon, 02/23/2009

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