Schimff's Candy Store, by Erin & Jonathan H.

An Essay By Anonymous // 9/14/2002

Today we enjoyed a personal tour of Schimpff's Candy Store, a Jeffersonville landmark.
Gustav A. Schimpff opened up his dream factory in 1891, but had already been making candy in Louisville since 1850. His store has been passed on from generation to generation, and is currently owned by Warren and Jill Schimpff.
The oldest continuously operated candy store (same site) in the country, Schimpff's has been through many historical moments, including the 1937 flood which almost ruined this old building.
The candy museum is home to many antique candy dispensers, tin molds, candy holders, and even some old candy, each item having their own story to be told.
When this building was first built, soon after the Civil War, it was actually two different buildings, separated by a small four-foot brick alley. The owners decided to connect the two on the one hundred-tenth year anniversary. They also built an observation area so that school groups and other visitors could watch the candy being made. Passersby can even view from outside on the sidewalk.
Not only does Schimpff's make homemade candies and chocolates, but also sandwiches and soups. We enjoyed having lunch there. Afterwards, we made our way to the adjacent candy store to try some of their delicious goodies.

age = 8-12


Schimff's Candy Store

I just watched Modern Marvels on the History
Channel talk about Schimff's Candy Store. I thought I'd see if they had a website to order from, but I guess I'll just have to drive over to Jeffersonville now! I enjoyed reading about the store and the history. You did a very good job!

[email protected]

Anonymous | Fri, 07/06/2007


My mom, who is near 82 years old, loved to go in to town and get candies at Schimff's when she was a little girl. In turn, she took me there while growing up. My husband and I were just there in May, while visiting from Florida, to buy candy. I LOVE this old candy store, it is perfect!!!
I didn't realize that you could tour through, a museum, of sorts. We were short on time, having to catch a flight out. I can't wait until we're back in the area with our kids, it will be a real treat, literally, to take them to Schimff's!!

Venice, FL

Anonymous | Sat, 06/07/2008


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