Do you walk alone?

A Poem By Stephanie // 12/12/2007

Do you walk alone?
Have you no one to stand at your side?
Does no one love like their own?
Is life at the point that you just want to die?
Does no one listen to what you have to say?
Do they care, or believe in you?
Haven’t we all been there?
But is there really no one?
Are you sure you are alone?
For someone greater cares,
For you his greatest joy.
He is always there, no matter where.
He always listens, and believes.
He stands next to you,
Through the worst times.
He loves you, even more than life itself.
Now could you look Him in the eyes,
And say I walk alone?


i do i

i do
i walk

Anonymous | Tue, 12/18/2007

No one does

They may think so
But they walk with some one.

They walk with Someone,
But that Someone is never acknowledged.
So it is
As if
They truly do
Walk alone.

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.

Lucia | Wed, 12/19/2007

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.


Oh, that was beautiful...good job!


Anonymous | Wed, 02/27/2008


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