Hildebrand and his Son.

Fiction By Stephanie // 9/13/2007

They started to fight and their shields were smashed into bits and so it was now they started with sword to sword. Hildebrand knew he must not kill his son, but he needed to protect himself from the hard blows.
The fight went on and on, great cheers came from the armies on either side. Hildebrand had a huge scrape on his chest, which bled into pools on the ground. Hadudrant had cuts on his arms and legs none serious. Both were wearing down. It was then Hildebrand decided to start his plan. He started to fight with all his strength, muscle and brains. He first cut a deep gash in Hadudrant’s side which sent him sprawling to the ground. He tightened his fist ready to punch and he knocked out Hadudrant out with his strong arm, almost throwing himself to the ground. Just when everyone thought Hildebrand won, Hadudrant got up, holding his side with his bloody hand, and was on top of his opponent. His side gave a cheer with loud strong voices.
Hildebrand knew that his son could not hold out much longer with the cut in his side. He must work quickly, before his son kills himself. He threw his son off him and Hadudrant flew out into the army of his father.
Hadudrant’s army moved suddenly, starting to come to save him. He stood up and waved his arm for them not to come for him. They obeyed reluctantly. He, Hadudrant , got up and went back to the circle to face his opponent.
Hildebrand ground his teeth at his son, as if to say: “Stupid fool why do you not listen?” Hadudrant gripped his sword and flung himself at his father.
Hildebrand, as smart as he was, did not move. He stood as if in day dreaming. He thought about his son and how grown up he had become. He had become quick moving with a good eye. Hildebrand mumbled realizing that his son’s stroke was upon him.
His son’s move struck him hard on the shoulder. He winced with the pain. He took the sword from his son with a jolt and cast it aside. He took his own sword sticking it in the ground; he ran at his son they fought with the fists. They threw each other backwards, and with a yell, Hildebrand ran at his son.
Bewildered, Hadudrant started yelling too. Their yells were so similar that you would not have been able to guess whose was whose. He did not know why, but the armies suddenly clashed together. He saw great warriors die and heard the yells of dying men. Then he saw his father leaning over him, holding him close. His eyes went dark, he could see no more. Hildebrand’s plan had failed.



What a well written story! Very intense!


Elizabeth | Fri, 09/14/2007


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine



Stephanie | Thu, 12/13/2007