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An Essay By stlaura132 // 9/10/2007

I'm an editor and a columnist with Home Education Magazine. I'm also a homeschooling parent, one of my offspring is Claire who was one of the early writers for ApricotPie.

I am completing an upcoming book about interest-led learning, especially homeschooling beyond home. I need input from homeschoolers willing to share their insights and stories. I have a number of questions I'd like to ask to generate responses for inclusion in the book. Or please send your answers to my private email at stlaura at lcnoh dot com

I know these are big questions. I value your experience and your perspective. If you have time to answer even one I am very appreciative. Even a sentence or two would be wonderful.

*Can you talk about the ways you have made enriching connections with those who are different from you (in age, race, background,experience, etc)? Are there people in the area, on the net (forums, etc) or elsewhere who have widened your interests, expanded your worldview or given you valuable experiences?

*Can you give specific examples of the way you have followed an interest? How did the interest start? How did you pursue it?

*Can you tell me about a volunteer experience? Some details you may wish to include are how this volunteer position was found, what it entailed, what abilities it fostered, what relationships it may have helped develop, what lessons may have been learned. Or tell me what you think is important.

*While you may not separate "subjects" such as math, writing, history and science can you share some activities that have helped your comprehension grow?

*Have you generated your own ideas for enrichment such as field trips, tours, mentoring opportunities, volunteering? Please give an example or two.

*Have you or has someone you know gotten a business, club, organization or individual to offer programs, workshops, classes, field trips, apprenticeships or volunteer opportunities for homeschoolers which they did not have available before? Please give some details.

*What are some ways you "take" learning with you or seek out real life learning? By this I mean broadly to learn without textbook or worksheets.

*You're probably familiar with the term "being in the flow." Children in particular are energized by their interests. They can concentrate so fully that they lose sense of themselves, of time, even of discomfort. Can you talk about a time or times when you were pulled by the current of a project or interest?

*Can you talk about your homeschool journey? How do you feel it brought out your unique gifts and interests?

When you reply with answers to my questions please indicate how you would like your name (first only or first and last) to appear in the book should I use your answer, and please include your state if in the U.S. or country if out of the U.S. Your reply is taken as permission to use your words in the book.

Some editing for clarity and space may be necessary.

Laura Weldon


Learning without textbooks

*What are some ways you "take" learning with you or seek out real life learning? By this I mean broadly to learn without textbook or worksheets.

Dear Laura Weldon

I am a homeschool Mom of two boys. I take both math and Geography learning to the grocery store with me. It takes me a while to shop though. I have my older son, 9, round the prices off so that he can get that down, then estimate the total at the end of the shopping errant. My younger, 6, I have read where in the USA the goods are produced so that he can later identify it on the USA map we have at home. We learn which States produce what products in the process. The boys love to shop this way and do not even realize they are learning new skills.

R Cline
Sacramento, CA

Anonymous | Sat, 09/22/2007

real life learning

Thanks so much for a glimpse of the way you homeschool.
My hope is that sharing our homeschooling lives in my book will help widen the possibilities others see as they educate their children.


Anonymous | Sun, 09/23/2007

your comments now in my new book!

Hi R. Cline, 


You may not even remember answering questions for a homeschooling book in the works a few years ago. But you answered by sharing your ideas and experiences. Your wonderfully helpful comments are now published in Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything (Hohm Press, 2010).


This note is my heartfelt thanks. There’s no way I can truly describe how deeply I appreciate your involvement except to say I’m glad your insights are available to help people everywhere the book is sold (so far it’s available in 8 countries). Let’s hope it does a world of good.


If you are interested, I’m creating a page on my website for Free Range Learning contributors. If you’d like to email me with any updates, I’ll post them there for the book’s readers. You may want to include what your family is learning and doing, what your educational style looks and feels like, links to your blog, etc. If you’d like to send a photo or two that would be wonderful.


You can find out more about Free Range Learning at




Anonymous | Thu, 06/03/2010


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