Sunset | 5/3/2010
Struggles | 5/1/2010

Age: 27

Favorite word(s): rebuke (rolls of the tongue), lola, sky,....more eventually

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

A girl who just found out how theraputic poetry can be.

The story behind my username:

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who was cautious when she needn't be and air-headed when she shouldn't be. Well, that girl decided one day to try her hand at poetry. Finding it to be a good way to release all the excess energy, which causes that cautiousness and air-headed-ness, she joined an online writing group to share her poems (and maybe one day her writings). Well, in joining, she choose her favorite username-starrysky. Alas, the email never showed up confirming she had joined! Wondering if her email was mistyped, she tried joining again. This time she used a differnt username, for she could not use the same. But, being, as I said, air-headed, she decided to use a random name: stringbean. After, the email did show up, it dawned on her-she should have thought before she typed a name which has nothing ot do with her. Now, she must use this name, as a testament to humility.



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