A Fall May Come

A Poem By Sylver // 2/16/2017

For a fall may come and the tide may roll
Should I ever look back, I'll miss you so.
Can a child try to dream to reach his goals?
Should I run, run far back to land I know?

For a fall has come and the tide has turned
The fire within blazes too hot to hold.
How long will I stay before I get burned?
How long before my soul is sold?

For a fall may come and the tide may swell.
Should I ever look back, I'll wish you well.
A child can dream, he has a story to tell.
Running will surely end in hell.


Great Symmetry

Wow... this was great! I really like the parallel thought in each verse, especially the first and last verse, where lines 2 becomes more confident in the third verse, and then lines 3 and 4 are questions that become answers.

And the imagery... I like how you combine "fall" with a picture of the tide coming in.

Great work!

James | Thu, 02/16/2017

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle

WHOA! I love this poem! It

WHOA! I love this poem! It has a feel of literature, kind of story-like. I was drawn in on the first stanza! Great job!
Welcome to AP!

Madalyn Clare | Thu, 02/16/2017

"To live is to love with the passion of a thousand stars. To love is to live despite the pain of a thousand scars. Anything in between is a passing shadow." ~Michael Joseph Murano

This is really good! I love

This is really good! I love how the rhythm and rhyme adds to the drama of the poem's subject. Welcome to Apricot Pie, I look forward to reading more from you!

Hannah D. | Fri, 02/17/2017

"Reason itself is a matter of faith. It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all." - G. K. Chesterton

Thanks everyone!

This was a bit of an older poem that I wrote almost two years ago, but I'm glad you like it. All of my stuff from now on will be current.

Sylver | Fri, 02/17/2017

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” - C. S. Lewis

Welcome to AprictotPie, my favorite corner in the vast internet

Hey, and welcome! James really said all I wanted to say, so I shall refrain from my rhapsodies over your awesome poem. Well-done, and bravo! I applaud you, sir.
I look forward to seeing your next contributions to this site.

Damaris Ann | Fri, 02/17/2017

God uses the milestones as stepping stones to bring us closer to Him. We may not see it in the moment, but we can always look back and see the memorials of His love in the crumbles of our stumbling blocks.

This was great! Welcome to

This was great! Welcome to ApricotPie! -- I liked the fact that I didn't know whether you meant a downward fall or an autumn, and I liked playing with both ideas in my mind. I liked the longing and speculation in this. Thanks for posting and can't wait to see more!!

Sarah Bethany | Thu, 02/23/2017


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