Don't Stay In Bed

A Poem By Tamerah // 4/8/2010

The wind sang light and lilting tunes,
Amidst the eerie, midnight gloom
And in the glowing of the moon,
I sat and thought a while.

What luminous thought did ignite
While I shunned the darkened respite?
I could wish naught but to stay up all night
And listen all the while.

And what could be as I looked aft
But a single, glimmering, shining shaft
Of silver light, and a ghostly laugh,
I sat, riveted, all the while.

Oh, sleepers, long have we slept
In our pillow’s downy depth.
The night longs for our airy step!
We could walk a while.

Dreams flit through that sleeping head
But to be awake instead!
Really, why would you stay in bed
When whispering secrets to the stars
And the lofty moon afar,
We could dance through shadows dark,
In living dreams all the while?


That was amazing. Brilliant

That was amazing. Brilliant discriptions-everything was perfect. I love the night, so I could relate :-)

E | Thu, 04/08/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Wonderful. I was immediately struck by the rhyming pattern you used. I like to use some similar  Usually I struggle to follow what's going on in a poem that I read. This, I was able to read and understand at the same time.Plus, I liked what I understood. Altogether great poem

Keri | Fri, 04/09/2010


Your poetry style is so simple and meaningful, and I like the way you rhymed things in this piece. Great job all around.

Hannah W. | Fri, 04/09/2010


Thanks very much guys, I'm glad you liked it.

Tamerah | Fri, 04/09/2010

Very Nice.

Interestingly enough, I am making this comment late into the night because I cannot sleep...  I identify with this poem quite well.

James | Mon, 04/12/2010

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle

 I liked this one.

 I liked this one. :)



-"The Professor"

Anonymous | Tue, 04/13/2010

Striking. Haunting. Very,

Striking. Haunting. Very, very good. Thank you for sharing it.

paperpoet | Sun, 05/02/2010


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