Old Cat

An Essay By Tamerah // 12/28/2008

Just something I thought I'd share - my very first poem =)

I come
And there
I find old cat.
Sweet serene loving
old cat always
there just lying
there waiting
for you to get home.


Adorable!! :) I love it.

Adorable!! :)

I love it. "Serene" is not a word I knew when I was seven, LOL. :)


Katie Marie
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KatieMarie | Sun, 12/28/2008

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And they lived happily


So cute!!
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Clare Marie | Sun, 12/28/2008

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This is so you - I can totally see you writing this when you were little - you've always had a thing for cats. (Not that I blame you - they're absolutely wonderful creatures!) I like the rhythm of the last few lines - "always there just lying there waiting for you to get home"... it has a good feel. :)

Jenny | Mon, 12/29/2008

I don't like how in the

I don't like how in the beginning it says 'I come home' and then in the end it says 'waiting for you to get home'. Of course I can't expect seven year old me to have written anything incredibly amazing, so I've tried my best not to critique it too much =)
Definitely cute though, I find it very amusing.

Tamerah | Mon, 12/29/2008

Your Nerdfighting Sista

Oh I can just see little cute Tami dreaming of having her own cat and writing this poem. Oh so precious : )

Anonymous | Mon, 12/29/2008


Awwww.....So cute. I wrote lots of stories. Once I wrote on called "Shiny the Unicorn" when I was five. It was really cute....

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E | Fri, 01/02/2009

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