The Tide

A Poem By Tamerah // 2/15/2012

You carry it like a secret inside you,
like a tale you struggle to tell.
Sometimes I think that you don’t remember,
how the water would swallow and swell.

Still the world carries on right beside you,
and each winter breathes fresh fallen snow,
and someday your chest will break open,
breathing secrets along with the flow.

If you limp and you stumble I’ll catch you,
if you’re willing to let me get close.
There’s a chance that you may become weightless,
and find freedom in being exposed.

Emptied of what always bound you,
you’ll see we’re similar in texture and sight.
We can interlace fingers and tie them together,
we can never stop gripping on tight.

For we came from the water, we’ll die there,
all alone or in each other’s arms.
There’s trust between us without secrets,
and in the tide we’re delivered from harm.


 Oh, this is gorgeous. The

 Oh, this is gorgeous. The rhythm is a bit off when you use "similar," but the rest of the time it's flawless.

Anna | Thu, 02/16/2012

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Thank you!

Thank you! Yes, I struggled with that word for a while. I had it as "alike" at one point, but when it came down to it I wanted to use "similar", so I left it anyway.

Tamerah | Thu, 02/16/2012


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