Megas Alexandros

A Poem By Taylor // 10/1/2007

The sun set hesitant beyond the western world
As if it knew the nameless axe was soon to fall.
Clouds gray and dark above the Alexandri’n shore
Reached down on sunset-gilded wings to touch the earth
And watch with baited breath the passing of the king.

He drew his dying breath and split the world in four.
From earthen grave, immortal Bucephalus wept.
The warrior king of kings went soon his fathers’ way,
But from his hearty, ruthless stock, so swiftly cut,
Sprang younger, greener shoots to rule the world.

Written January 28th, 2007


That is an incredible poem,

That is an incredible poem, Taylor. Thank you. :)


Aisling | Mon, 10/01/2007