The Prince and the Prophet, by Autumn S.

A Poem By Anonymous // 11/10/2002

The Prince of the Earth had a caller one night,
While the wind, it did rage, and the storm showed its might,
A prophet most holy, his robe stained and torn,
Had come to the fire to dry and get warm.

The Prince was amused by this "least of the most,"
And seized this fine chance for to stand up and boast.
He said "Holy Prophet, who has gone far and wide,
"Is their any place grander than where I abide?

"My floors are of marble, my tables of gold,
"And my jewels are the finest that one could behold.
"With cups of pure silver and bracelets of bone,
"And walls of mosaics, inlaid with fair stone.

"For sure you can see what these items are worth,
"So tell me: Is anyone greater on Earth?"
The prophet looked up from the fire so bright,
And in his blue eyes shone an unearthly light.

"O Prince," said the prophet, "By standards of Earth,
"Where power and wealth show the depth of one's worth,
"But not by the standards of Heaven's great love,
"Over everyone earthly, you do rise above."

When the Prince heard the words, he was taken aback,
And his previous levity quickly turned black.
"How mean you, O prophet, these words you impart?"
"You have," said the prophet, "No love in your heart!

"As a ruler you fail, for the people you rule,
"They fear your great judgment, both unjust and cruel.
"To the rich and ungodly you impart them great wealth;
"To the poor and the pious, you care naught their health.

"You claim to be godly, but wallow in sin.
"The love of Lord Jesus, it dwells naught within.
"You tithe to the Church, but with grief and regret,
"As you place bags of gold in the collector’s net.

"You deprive your peasants of glimmers of hope,
"You greatly despise both the Church and the Pope.
"Your merchants are poor, for they must pay a fine,
"And you spend all the income on women and wine.

"Repent and do penance for sins of your days,
"Abandon these evils and ungodly ways.
"Or else, Prince of Earth, when you rest beneath sod,
"You never shall enter the Kingdom of God!"

"Thou villain! Blasphemer!" the evil Prince cried.
"I heard what you speak and I know you have lied!
"How dare you judge me, you great ignorant louse?
"Guards! Throw this ungrateful wretch out of my house!"

The guards picked him up, with no care for his pain,
And threw him out into the drizzling rain.
The prophet got up from the street where he lied.
He grimaced, and winced at the pain in his side.

But then came a voice, speaking inside his head:
It was the Lord Jesus, who is daily bread.
The prophet said, "Lord, I have failed in pursuit.
"The Prince would not listen and gave me the boot!"

The Lord said, "Forgive him, and bear him no ill,
"For people will do as they stubbornly will.
"So seek out the others I show you this day,
"Enlighten them, teach them, and show them the Way.

"Do not be despairing; let Me be your rest,
"And in My Father's Kingdom, you'll be threefold blessed."
"Amen." said the prophet, and followed his Guide,
And walked towards the dawn with the Lord at his side.

age = 13-16
Autumn Sabol © 1/29/01



Wow! What an awesome poem.

Anonymous | Wed, 09/05/2007


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