Another Princess Story

Fiction By Tori // 4/30/2009

Do you guys remember Princess Candence Brielle Kiara Ella Maeve Abella Nicole Von Hinkle from the Princess Problem? Well, I've decided to bring her back into another story...

"Oh princess! Princess it's time for tea with your mother!" The maid servant called from a room below.
"Princess isn't my name!” she called back grumpily. “Call me by my name!”
“Fine. Candence Brielle Kiara Ella Maeve Abella Nicole, it’s time for tea with your mother. Get down here!”
Candence rolled off her bed and looked in the mirror. At thirteen, she was a pretty a princess as one could be. Her blonde, straight hair fell to the small of her back and her eyes were a bright, inquisitive blue. She had a small, round, cheerful face and was not tall, yet not short either, and had a slim figure. The dress she wore was a pale green with hunter green accents. She took up the brush lying by her mirror and brushed through her hair.
Overall she loved living in the castle, being next in line to take up the throne after her mother, and being a princess. However, she still did not like her name. She realized that it would not be so bad to be Nicole Ella Kiara Brielle Von Hinkle, but her other names, Candence Maeve Abella, thoroughly did not suit her.
“Mother,” she said when she approached the parlor. “How very lovely to see you.” With that, the princess gave a curtsy and sat down. Queen Ella Maeve Von Hinkle looked nothing like her daughter. She had medium-long, brown hair and was a short, plump woman with green eyes. Her dress was periwinkle and very flowy. She, too, gave a curtsy then sat down.
“My dear,” said the queen. “Something seems to be troubling you. Whatever is the matter?
“Oh, Mother,” answered her daughter. “’Tis my name. Wouldn't we be able to shorten it?”
“If it is your wish, Candence, it will be done. What sort of a name would it be?”
“I will keep some of it, Mother. How is Nicole Ella Kiara Brielle? Please? Oh, please, Mother?”
“Very well, Nicole. I shall have it changed. Now it’s time you practiced sewing. Off you go.”
The newly named Nicole bounded up the stairs to her room again. However, she could hardly contain her excitement and was in no mood to start her sampler. Instead she rushed outside and brought her horse out of his stall. Midnight, an all black stallion, was a full sixteen hands tall. He ran like the wind and was an accomplished jumper.
Nicole glanced at the side saddle hanging near his stall, but then grabbed the lightweight regular saddle. She was a very good rider, yet she hated using the side saddle. She could use it, yet having one leg tied up was very uncomfortable and was impossible to gallop with. She climbed up onto Midnight and whispered in his ear. The horse took off in a gallop across the grounds toward Nicole’s favorite place, a lonely stream far on the other side of the castle’s boundaries. There was a tree there with a small nook in one of the branches that was perfect for sitting and reading in.
Nicole tied Midnight to the tree’s trunk and climbed into the tree. She looked out past the castle moat and wall. There was a village not too far from the castle. Nicole was seized with a desire to explore the tiny village, so she started to climb down. When she stepped onto a small branch, she heard a crack and jumped from the branch. It had snapped. When she landed on another branch, it strained under her weight and the princess lost her balance and fell with a thud to the ground and did not move.




You poor thing...not knowing how to finish! How about you have a rabbit..wait, that's to much like "Alice in Wonderland", ummm...ah,ha! Have her be laying there and then something happens to her vision were she sees everything in shades of green (or pink, which ever you prefer!!!) :) Just an idea:)
--Old Fashioned Girl:)

Anonymous | Sat, 05/02/2009


interesting....hmmmm...but thanks!!

"Jesus is like Tide. He washes away what others leave behind." Anonymous

Tori | Sun, 05/03/2009

“Oh Ronnie! I can’t believe you’re a prefect! That’s everyone in the family!” said Mrs. Weasley.
“What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?”
–George Weasley

Hm, no ideas at the moment

Hm, no ideas at the moment but tis a very cute story.
"Gold in its natural state is but dull, unornamental stuff and only lowboard metals excite the admiration of the ignorant with its ostentatious glitter. However like the rest of the world I go on underestimating men of gold and glorifying men of mica." ~Mark Twain

Sarah | Mon, 05/04/2009

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


thanks. I have kind of made a storyline in my head, but i'm one of those writers who has about ten stories started and none finished!!!

"Jesus is like Tide. He washes away what others leave behind." Anonymous

Tori | Mon, 05/04/2009

“Oh Ronnie! I can’t believe you’re a prefect! That’s everyone in the family!” said Mrs. Weasley.
“What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?”
–George Weasley


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