Destiny: Chapter 1

Fiction By Tori // 9/11/2009

Please read Destiny:Prolouge on my account before trying to understand this story. Or read the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter. Either one!!! 

        The night was cold. Tallstorm and Frostflower padded to the nursery together. Ashpelt, the clan’s medicine cat, had told Frostflower that it was time for her to start sleeping there. Frostflower had known it, for she thought it was easy to see that her kits would be coming any day now.
        Her mate purred beside her. Tallstorm was looking forward to the kits, too, and any cat could see that he wanted one of them to follow in his pawsteps as the Clan deputy. It really didn’t matter to Frostflower, because she just hoped the kits would grow up to be strong, loyal warriors, unlike their battle-hungry grandfather, Raggedfur. Some of RiverClan still thought that they were all traitors because of him. Frostflower prayed to StarClan that these kits would lead a regular Clan life.
        Still lost in thought, the beautiful white she-cat curled up in the warm nursery beside Featherheart, whose kits were almost apprenticed. Littlekit and Silverkit were happy that they would not be the youngest in the Clan anymore, and Featherheart would be pleased to finally get back to her warrior duties. Tallstorm gave Frostflower a quick lick on the ear and bounded toward the warrior’s den. Frostflower gave herself a shake and fell fast asleep.
         At dawn, three sunrises later, Ashpelt awakened her with a prod.
         “Hey, Frostflower,” she said, “just checking that you’re okay. I want you to start eating some borage. It’ll help with your milk supply. I also want you to fetch me when you think the kits are coming.”
           “Okay,” Frostflower replied. “Thanks, Ashpelt.” With a sweep of her tail Ashpelt bounded away, leaving Frostflower alone with Featherheart. The two queens were friends, but Frostflower wasn’t in the mood to chat. Feeling restless, she got up and headed to the fresh-kill pile.
           “Frostflower! WHAT are you doing out here?” Frostflower sighed. It was Ashpelt, and she knew she was going to get a talking to. Ashpelt was very experienced, and it was Frostflower’s first litter. She knew she had to listen.
         “What do you mean?” Frostflower asked wearily.
          “You are supposed to stay in the nursery, and Redpaw should be bringing you some fresh-kill!” Ashpelt spat, as she watched the mother-to-be cringe. Then she softened. “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re my friend, and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.
          "Just between us,” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper. “You’re my favorite queen in the whole forest!” Frostflower could easily hear the excitement in her voice rise.
          As Ashpelt trotted away, Frostflower purred. Never had she felt so proud of anything, and she knew she would fight to the last tooth and claw to protect her kits. Her thoughts wrapped in the future, she padded over to the nursery and lay down.
        All of a sudden she felt very drowsy, and her sides started to heave. “Ashpelt!” She cried weakly. “Ashpelt!”
         Featherheart squealed. “D…do you…are they…Ashpelt! ASHPELT!” Ashpelt bounded back to the nursery in a few amazing bounds and crouched over Frostflower. 
        “Okay…er…well, okay. Featherheart, go get my apprentice, Spottedpaw. And you, Frostflower, let me tell you a few things. Firstly, you have been waiting for a bit longer than I expected, meaning you will probably have more than two or three kits. Secondly, because of this, some of the kits may not, well, make it. Lastly, you may feel drowsy because of all of the above, and this is just plain tiresome. You may not fall asleep. As your medicine cat, I am ordering you not to. It could put you and the kits in serious danger.”
       By the time Ashpelt finished, half the Clan knew about what was going to happen, and Tallstorm was practically forcing Spottedpaw out of the nursery entrance. Ashpelt whirled around and almost hissed at the commotion. After she ordered everyone out, she turned to Frostflower.
        Ashpelt gently guided the queen, and just before sunhigh the silver-gray medicine cat stepped back and watched the mother lick all six beautiful kittens. Ashpelt loved them already, and she was amazed to see that a litter of six had all survived. This was truly a sign from StarClan that these innocent kits would become something great together. 
        “Have…have you named them yet?” Featherheart asked her timidly.
        “No,” Frostflower admitted. “But I have a few ideas; there are three boys and three girls. I’m thinking for the girls Mousekit, Featherkit, and Ashkit, and for the boys Tinykit, Brackenkit, and…Tigerkit.”
          She had named Featherkit for Featherheart and Ashkit for Ashpelt. Mousekit and Tinykit were Tallstorm’s choices, and Brackenkit was for the current RiverClan leader, Brackenstar. Tigerkit was named for the great TigerClan, as he was the firstborn. 
          As Mousekit, Featherkit, Ashkit, Tigerkit, Brackenkit and Tinykit curled up to feed, Frostflower sighed. She had always dreamed of being a mother to kits, let alone six! While she shifted to make herself comfortable, she found that Ashpelt had finally allowed the Clan into the now-crowded nursery. After a considerable amount of pushing and shoving, Tallstorm had made his way to the front of the cats. After a short glance, he staggered out quickly. Before Frostflower had time to call to him, the excited cats moved closer. Six kits was definitely a rare event! There were many purrs and sighs as each cat got a chance to look.
         Also, from the elders, there were comments like, “Will they survive?” or “Will they be like that piece of fox dung Raggedfur?” Mostly Frostflower wanted to rest and talk to Tallstorm. So, after a few moments, she said,
         “Thank you for your kindness. But if you don’t mind, my kits and I would like to rest.” After that, everyone moved away quickly and left all eight kits and two exhausted mothers in peace. Featherheart looked ready to burst with excitement as Brackenstar came in quietly.
         “Excuse me, but I would like to speak with you both. I hope it is not a problem.” He said, with a long glance at Brackenkit and the others.
         “Not at all.” Frostflower told him, even though it WAS a problem. She wanted to sleep!  
         “Littlekit, Silverkit, maybe the apprentices need help. Tell them I said you could be there.” Brackenstar told the excited kits, who were now happily trotting toward the apprentices’ den.
         “Featherheart, you know as well as anyone that your kits need to be apprenticed. I would have done it yesterday, but the patrols caught sight of some ShadowClan apprentices very near the border.” Brackenstar continued, sitting down, “No battles. We just were out a little longer than expected, so we got back too late. I was wondering if we could do it tonight.”
         Featherheart sat speechless until she gathered herself and said, “That would be lovely, but what about Frostflower? Her kits are much too young for her to come see… if…if you want to, of course,” she added, catching her own rudeness and trying to be polite.
         “Why, of course I would come, you are one of my best friends!” Frostflower told her, “I just, well, my kits need me right now.
         "Brackenstar,” she continued, and gave him a wink, “Some of the elders were complaining about not hearing you at the last Clan meeting. Maybe you should speak really loud today, so that Crookedfoot and Littlenose can hear you.”
         Brackenstar laughed and said, “Yes, those elders do get cranky. I will.” Frostflower purred.
        "You, know, I always did love lying in the sun. I think we’ll move closer to the nursery entrance.”
         “Don’t let Ashpelt hear that,” Brackenstar said, “she’ll claw your whiskers off.” Frostflower pretended to be scared and exclaimed,
        “I need my whiskers!” Then Brackenstar got more serious and mewed,   
        “Featherheart, since you won’t be a queen anymore, why don’t you go and find a spot in the warrior’s den?” Featherheart nodded and trotted off.
         “Great,” Frostflower thought. “He cornered me!”