Fiction By Tori // 6/10/2009

Hi Apricotpie Clan of mine! By now you may have noticed that I(teehee)have a terrible horrible habit of not finishing stories!!! aack it bugs me! but anyway, I haven't posted in a while, so there's this story, that I haven't yet posted, but it's like 30 pages long, so i think i will post it now because it is long enough that it will never catch up to me! but this paticular story will be very hard for you to understand because it is like a series I read (WARRIORS!!)
so i will tell you how it goes before I post the first section. Here it is!!

The story is about four clans of feral (wild)cats called RiverClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan. They each can do something special (RiverClan can swim, ThunderClan can stalk in the undergrowth, ShadowClan can hunt at night, and WindClan can run fast.)They each have a territory around a lake that fits their needs (you can log on to to see them, you want lake map)and there are 20-30 cats in each clan. When they are born, the cats each get a name (Twig, Stream, Grass, etc) along with 'kit', the clan's word for kittens. (Twigkit, Streamkit, Grasskit, etc)and they live in the nursery with their mothers. When they are six moons (months) old, they leave the nursery and become apprentices, and their names change to 'paw' (Twigpaw, Streampaw, Grasspaw) and they are mentored by an older cat, who teaches them to hunt and fight. After six or seven moons, they become warriors, and their names change (Twigtail, Streamflower,Grassfoot)to something in their world. When they are warriors, they hunt, fight, and mentor apprentices. If they get old enough they retire and become elders, who don't do much. There is a medicine cat, who knows herbs that help different sicknesses and can speak with StarClan (the cats ancestors) there is also a leader, who gets nine lives(haha) and a deputy to take over if something happens. All the clans meet in peace at the full moon to exchange news, and this is called a Gathering. The cats don't like Twolegs, thier word for humans, or dogs. They hunt what is in their territory (Fish, frogs, mice, etc) and follow a warrior code which tells them how to live.

Thanks for reading! if you have any questions, you can email me or ask in a comment. Thanks!! the first section of my story will be out soon!


Soon, meaning........? "It

Soon, meaning........?

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Bridget | Fri, 06/19/2009

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soon as in whenever I get the chance to! I've had a really busy June; things should settle down soon so I can work on it.

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