The Doohinkles and the CRAZY AMAZING Thing

Fiction By Tori // 9/19/2009

MRS DOOHINKLE: Dear, this box came today.

MR DOOHINKLE: Wonderful. It must be my used candlewax sculpture of a hammer.

MRS DOOHINKLE: No, I'm sure it's my water bottle hankies.

MR DOOHINKLE: What does it say?


MR DOOHINKLE: Then it must be-

DOOEY: Look! My Girl Palace Makeup Set with matching telescope is here!

LOOEY: But of course, it's my genuine 1965 racing jet full-scale model!

DOOEY: But...

LOOEY: Dooey...

MR DOOHINKLE: Guess what everyone? I've decided to go BALD!!

MRS DOOHINKLE: That's nice dear. I must get a cow from the chicken coop. Poor thing's been given food today.

MR. DOOHINKLE: Poor little darling. But I still want to know what's that CRAZY AMAZING Thing!

MRS DOOHINKLE: Me too. Maybe my new skinny-mini-jeany-beanies are here. They're so much fun to put on your head and dance around in.

FRED: What's going on here? Mom?

MRS DOOHINKLE: The CRAZY AMAZING Thing is here. We don't know what it is yet.

FRED: Oh, that. It's...

MR DOOHINKLE: My ice telephone.

MRS DOOHINKLE: My ToasterTelevision. Watch while you wait!

DOOEY: My female tiger ribbon.

LOOEY: My girlfriend, Tami.

FRED: No, it's my...

MRS DOOHINKLE: You have a girlfriend, dear? Is she mean?

LOOEY: It's a paint-by-number poster.