The Doctor's Dilemma

Fiction By Tori // 1/10/2009

The same poor therapist...


THERAPIST: Some have reason to think you are already…

DOCTOR: What? Never mind. You must sort out my problems!

THERAPIST: Oh, silly me! I thought that was my job…

DOCTOR: Huh? Ah well. Where was I? Oh, yes, my problem.

THERAPIST: Get on with it then!

DOCTOR: Well sir, uh, I have a very big problem!

THERAPIST: No? Surely not?

DOCTOR: But it’s true! I… my… she… and he…and they…said…

THERAPIST: My patience is waning.


THERAPIST: Please tell me of your problems. I can help you.

DOCTOR: But… I …not…

THERAPIST: Tick tock,

DOCTOR: Okay okay! Geeze! I, it’s my, my, MY FEET!

THERAPIST: Say that again, please.

DOCTOR: Have you ever looked at them? You wanna know my size?

THERAPIST: 11 ½? Are they too big? You know, you can get custom…

DOCTOR: No! Why 11 ½ would be perfectly lovely! They’re only a 4!

THERAPIST: No, that can’t be right. Why, you’re 6 ¾ feet tall!

DOCTOR: That’s the worst part! Whenever I take off my shoes people laugh! That’s right, they LAUGH!

THERAPISTS: Maybe you should just let it go, you can’t possibly…

DOCTOR: But you don’t understand! My feet are… Hang on, that’s my cell phone…


DOCTOR: Yes, yes, ok, I’ll come, uh-huh, ok. Bye. I must go, I am needed.

THERAPIST: But…feet!?

DOCTOR: Yes, well, I shall be back to talk about my overly large...What am I saying? ... small problem. Until next time!

THERAPIST: What was the name of that retirement site again?




Hehe! That made me laugh.
I feel sorry for that poor guy!
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Ariel | Sun, 01/11/2009

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Lol, that was pretty

Lol, that was pretty funny.

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E | Sun, 01/11/2009

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


haha only problem is he started getting quite sarcastic...

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Tori | Sun, 01/11/2009

“Oh Ronnie! I can’t believe you’re a prefect! That’s everyone in the family!” said Mrs. Weasley.
“What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?”
–George Weasley


That poor therapist! This made me smile! :)

PS, Falling Leaves-- you got your picture small! Huzzah. ;)
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Hannah W. | Wed, 01/14/2009

hehe, that made me laugh! >

hehe, that made me laugh!
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Sarah | Wed, 01/14/2009

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

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