The Princess Problem

Fiction By Tori // 12/19/2008


PRINCESS: Oh dearie me! I am in such distress!!!

THERAPIST: Now Princess, it cannot be the bad! Whatever is the matter with you?

PRINCESS: Oh me, oh my! I cannot say it! It pains me so!

THERAPIST: Tell me! I can help you sort out your problems.

PRINCESS: But...but okay fine. But don't you laugh at me!!

THERAPIST: I wouldn't dream of it! Now, what is the matter? Is 20 ballgowns, 30 evening gowns, 50 everyday dresses, and 2 wedding gowns not enough? Is your castle to small? I always thought that you might say that, after all, 10,000 square feet, it's not...

PRINCESS: No! It's not that at all! It's... it's... MY NAME!

THERAPIST: My dear, what is the matter with you? I'VE always thought that Princess Candence Brielle Kiara Ella Maeve Abella Nicole Von Hinkle is beautiful! It is such a long...

PRINCESS: But that's just it! It's too long! I mean, look at the Prince's name! His name is 8 letters long, and mine is 39! Can you believe it?

THERAPIST: My girl, your parents are quite... uh... into their roots, you know, and your father liked Candence Brielle Kiara, and your mother liked Ella Maeve Abella, and your grandmother insisted on the name Nicole, so what were they to do?

PRINCESS: Hmmm...let's think here, why not name me... Sam! That's it! I like the name Sam. Haha, it's shorter than the Prince's name, anyway.

THERAPIST: My dear, you cannot change your name! You...

PRINCESS: And what if I want to?

THERAPIST: If you paid me three thousand dollars to just listen to you fret, we're done here! I suppose you have a long name, but...

PRINCESS: A long name? A LONG NAME? It's huge! Jumbo! Absolutely ginormous!

THERAPIST: MY DEAR! We are absolutely done here! I rather think the Prince's name has gone to your head, I mean...

PRINCESS: It's not fair! I mean, MY name is Princess Candence Brielle Kiara Ella Maeve Abella Nicole Von Hinkle, and do you know what his name is? Do you?



THERAPIST: Maybe i should just retire early...



That was awsome and so FUNNY!

Keep it up! I loved it!!!!!!

Hannah | Sun, 01/11/2009