A Poem By Velocity // 6/2/2008

Hi everyone, okay I was at church last night, mom and dad stayed a little after to chat so I went outside. me my mom my little sleeping brother and our preacher were the only ones there. I went outside took a sheet of paper and a pencil, sat by a tree and looked around. It was God's grace, so pretty oh my goodness. there's a little field there just me and that field, I heard the birds twitering. and the trees rustleing as the wind started. It was soo cool! I could stay out there for a long time.
so beneath is a poem thingy majigy I wrote while i was there. It may sound stupid.
but being there was really cool.

Everything is peaceful,

The birds are singing – talking in fantasies.

The very ‘still’ field is a place of memories,

The cloudy blue sky looks down on me with wind.
My head rest’s against the tall oak tree.

I hear music from the heavens it’s calling out,
wanting me to spin in its grace.

I feel a chill, but would rather feel the
coldness than not feel it at all.

God is brushing this land with His love and grace.

And the warmth inside,

The joy… And peace… The love… And honor…

The wind picks up the sound of the rustling
trees; the sound makes me feel enchanted.

But how real this truly is. I look up and see
the green leaves, as if the tree were trying to talk to me.

It’s showing Gods Beauty.

The dove, and hawk and the crow flying overhead.

The wonder of it all,

The baby bird going back to its mother for
safety and hoping for a place to rest.

The swing I sit on swaying back and forth with the motion of my body

Higher and higher I’m ready to spread out my wings and fly,

But I know it won’t happen; I’m ready to catch myself.

Though inside my soul flies, and Inside my heart I feel a whirl of peace.

The daylight darkens the tall street light turns on,

I walk down the gravel path,

I lay on the fresh cut grass, just staring into the gloomy blue sky.

My hand isn’t alone, God’s been holding onto it and hasn’t let go,

Though my hand has slipped, He has the grip.


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