Wings of Eternity

A Rabbit's Tale | 5/29/2017
A Greater Yes | 4/8/2017
Nostalgia | 9/30/2016
I Hope You Knew | 7/22/2016
It's Not Fair | 7/17/2016
Forever Blessed (For Arthur and Damaris) | 5/20/2016
A Heart’s Gamble | 2/10/2016
You’re Not At All What I Expected | 11/27/2015
A Date with the Doomed Sky | 6/28/2015
What’s so hard about being a Christian? Part 1: Sacrifice | 5/1/2015
Mr. Fix It | 4/23/2015
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The True Meaning of Easter | 4/4/2015
A Glimpse of Heaven | 5/11/2012
Give Me the Faith | 11/11/2011
The Promise of a Dream | 7/7/2011
Lover's Lullaby | 6/11/2011
Broken Heart | 6/11/2011
Redemptive Love | 5/23/2011
Puzzle | 5/19/2011
Undone | 5/13/2011
Lessons Learned | 5/11/2011
Love is a Journey | 4/27/2011
The War Within | 4/19/2011
Destiny's Call | 4/12/2011
Angels Among Us | 4/9/2011
One Thousand | 3/23/2011
To Capture a Journey | 3/15/2011
To Die an Atheist | 3/15/2011
Broken (Part Two of Perfect/Broken), A Chronicles of Narnia Fanfic | 2/25/2011
Perfect (Part One of Perfect/Broken), A Chronicles of Narnia Fanfic | 2/25/2011

Age: 30

Favorite word(s): God, Laughter, Joy, Dream, Narnia, Contemplative, Hope, Love, Music, Happiness, Family, Animals, Singing, Nature

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

Who am I? That is a very interesting question. I am a daughter of God and a fellow homeschooler (graduate). I love nature and can be found anywhere where there are trees, grass, or animals. I love to write and do art. I have graduated with a bachelor's degree and am currently working in my family's business. I hope to start my own business someday. It is a real blessing to have found this site! I hope to read a lot of my fellow homeschoolers' work and upload uplifting stories/poetry for you all to read!

God Bless!

Wings of Eternity


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