More Than I Can Imagine | 10/11/2009
Forbbiden Love | 10/8/2009
Tristan and Arianna-Chapter One | 10/4/2009

Age: 27

Favorite word(s): indifferently;grimace;indignantly;hopefully;thankfully

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

**If you haven't already noticed, I have changed my "Who am I" blog a few times already. I am horrible about coming back to something I have already written, and changing it. I'm never quite satisfied. Bad thing.**

Hmm..who am I? Well, I'll try to answer this question to the best of my ability. Because truth is, I am still growing as a person and I'm not quite certain who I am myself. One thing I am completely certain of, is that I am a child of God. My full name is Kaitlain, but everyone calls me Kate. I live in rainy Arkansas and I wouldn't have it any other way. I live with my parents, whom I am grateful for everyday, my two older brothers, who support my writing and are my best critics, and my little sister, who never fails to have some type of remark on just about anything you say. I love rain, gray skies, classical music, animals, flip flops, strawberry ice cream, reading outside, volunteering at the library, playing piano, playing violin, painting, listening to music, the smell of freshly cut grass, and little baby shoes. I don't like most t.v. shows, thunder, heights, clowns(not because I'm scared of them, but because I find them exceedingly annoying), arrogance, cooking, having a bad typing day, gossip, texting excessively, loud voices, and having nothing to read. I hope you enjoy my writing, and please, critique them as you see it. Everyone keep writing, and I hope you enjoy my stories! =]


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