The Home, Generation one (chapter four)

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OOC go check out the song "Written Emotions" by MitiS before you read on. Previous Chapter Nick could hardly contain his mirth. Not that he was trying very hard. He clearly enjoyed the look on the two separatists faces. (let it be noted, Reader, that Milla is a separatist too but doesn't know what's going on) Adren was yelling at Nick, "What are you doing here! Why are you spying on us? Why did you put that note in the book! How did you know I'd find it? You didn't even get my name right! Nick laughed and started to explain... *** There was a surprising lack of city noise in the area surrounding a certain church building as a small boy stood on the roof. The church was old and generally avoided. It resembled a cathedral, apart from the broken windows and missing segments of wall. Where there used to be weddings and worship services there stood a derelict shell that now provided only shelter for birds and the odd hobo. The birds were his only friends now; everyone else was gone. The boy came up to the roof often. His only pleasure came from watching the birds and imagining being in control of the city that surrounded his cathedral. The boy jumped off the roof, landing perfectly three stories below. As he walked through the city the boy thought about the birds he watched and how they flew without being scared of falling. Being scared is scary. *** Nick Icarian was known for being an infuriating person, although usually not intentionally. However, no one had ever seemed so completely outraged as Adren; She seemed ready to dismember Nick. She might have, too, if Kamor had not been present. Of the four people in the room, one was enjoying himself immensely, two were fine with the first's presence, and the fourth was having a hard time processing everything, which made her grumpy. Adren was slowly calming down, though not as fast as Nick would have liked, and was beginning to understand who Nick was and why he was there. "You're a separatist, you've been living in this house for the past two years and you're looking for other separatists?" "In a nutshell, yes. You three are the first to ever come to the house though." "Three? There's me, Kamor and..." Nick grinned, "Ooh, spoilers. But yes, Nutshell: Milla D is a total G-Sep." Adren was heading back up towards furious again,"How do you know that! What in the world is a G-Sep and don't call me a nutshell!" It should be noted, Reader, that I am not conveying Adren's fury very well. Multiply how mad she sounds by six and set that on fire with a blowtorch. Kamor decided that now was a good time to start talking. "We're going to stay here with Nick and help Genomic Separatists or G-Seps. Nick knows about Milla because he was watching her escape from the agent. As for calling you a nutshell, Nick is an outspoken person with a healthy sense of humor. He probably will not insult you any further now that he knows you might rip his arms off if he does." "Wow Kamor, that's the most you've talked in weeks." "I know. Nick will show you both to your room." Adren headed for the stairs and then turned back, "Kamor, I hope you think this will work."

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