Dance with History

Submitted by Allyson D. on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 18:33
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I like this! It was intriguing and exciting! Your writing is beautiful; there were so many lovely descriptions. I also liked the title and the short comments that made the future world seem so commonplace, like, "An annoying drone buzzed around him with a ridiculous advertisement about new deals in space travel." It made me smile :).

I noticed just a couple small things you might want to change. First, near the beginning it says, "the World Education Society headed his warning"--I think it should be "heeded". Also, later you say, "Fitzgerald hissed into her ear". I think a different word then "hissed" might be better, given that he's speaking pleasant words to her (also, you use "hissed" fairly often). You also say, "nodded towards the other dancers who already began"; I think it should be "had already begun". And, "My time, as you put, is a mistake"--it needs an "it".

Again, well done!

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