English Country Dance

Submitted by Allyson D. on Sat, 06/02/2018 - 05:52

Stand there, dear girl;
Patience doth pay.
Thine eyes will lay,
Choice of twirl.

Ogling softly,
Smile, fair maid!
Thine eyes hath laid,
Thy gaze on he.

All goes well,
A smile will greet,
Two will meet,
Thy hands will dwell.

Apace, dear love;
Claim thy place.
The dancing lace,
Awaits your glove .

Music takes flight;
Soles doth beat.
Hands who meet,
Light the night.

Take her fast!
Lead her down!
Take the bound!
The round is last.

Time doth fly,
Lead her back.
None will lack;
She gently sigh.

Bow, young man;
Woman doth curtsy;
He leaves her be,
To dance again.

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I don’t think I’m very good at poetry, but it’s fun to try nonetheless. Those who have seen this on another website, be assured this is not plagiarism. I have used a different name for poetry. Anyway, I first wrote this in high school for an assignment. It describes an old fashioned, Jane Austin era dance I absolutely love. It’s amazing how some traditions never truly fade away.


The rhythm and rhyme weave together a sort of waltz-like sway throughout the entire piece. This was enjoyable to read! It is hard to write poetry, but you did a wonderful job with this and captured the mood very well. I liked this part:
Take her fast!
Lead her down!
Take the bound!
The round is last.
"down", "bound", and "round" all fit together really nicely.

This was quite fun to read!! And I agree with Libby; the rhythm has a waltz-like sway to it. :) very sweet. I particularly enjoyed the line that says “The dancing lace”. It’s very whimsical and adds a vintage, almost fairy-like feel to the imagery. Well done!

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