Little Book Reviews 'Katharina: Deliverance'

Submitted by Allyson D. on Mon, 11/09/2020 - 06:37

Second book I'm going to talk about, which I read around October 31st, is 'Katharina: Deliverance.' It's a historical fiction novel based on the life of Frau Luther. It begins with her as a young child, not too long before she is sent away to become a nun and ends with her marriage to Martin Luther.
Though ultimately I think the book is enjoyable, there were some errors I noticed in which it seemed an incorrect word was used. I also found the writing style a little odd, but the writer had included a number of quotes from Martin Luther throughout the story, and I wonder if she was copying the style of the quotes.
Anyway, I enjoyed the main character and imagining what life looked like through her eyes. Living as a nun, especially a nun bound by silence, is a pretty interesting way of life. You would think it would make receiving news from the surrounding areas a little awkward, but they manage by having special of moments of speaking and sign language. For a good portion of the story she is not directly involved in the excitement of the Reformation, but she 'hears' of it through the grapevine (as so many of us do with current events) and it's interesting to watch as she begins to seek answers about her faith, especially when she becomes exposed to Martin Luther's writings.
I also found her and Martin Luther's relationship a bit humorous. They do not start off being very close, but he takes an interest in helping to marry her off. After a failed attempt, he says in a quote "What devil would want to have her then? If she (Katie) does not like him, she may have to wait a good while for another one."
As I said, the book is ultimately enjoyable. But it does not rank as one of my favorites. I would recommend it for more mature readers, as it does include some inappropriate details for children, such as a little description of their wedding night. It's nothing really graphic, but it's still there.

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