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Sway back and forth to the rhythm

Match the colors to the notes

Golden yellow, deep blue--catch 'em!

before they whirl away into long ropes

of mixed melodies, stirring up a velvet-purple,

some orange, a little bit of sweet piano-poundin' pink.

Hear them horns a wailin', an' the bass soundin' out

them strong notes as melt into your soul.

This is Blues.

This is Jazz.

The colors and the melody...swirling everywhere.

You can't keep still, you gotta move,

chasin' the colors, dancin' to the beat.

America's music-

yeah, music from our "melting pot."

I can make my voice low, sweet, strong,

but it's the song

is in control.

Waves of music roll

over me; I'm a swayin' to the beat.

Follow the rhythms in my heart,

While my eyes see the colors,

An' my ears hear the sounds.

This is Jazz.

Sweet an' strong an' colorful.

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Welcome to Apricotpie!
I like this poem of yours. I love (LOVE) to sing, and jazz is a favourite of mine. It's exactly how you described it!
Looking forward to see more of your work :)

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Thank you!

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