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Shrouded is the moon tonight,
The starlight bides its time;
A solitary bat takes flight,
Seeking better clime.

The trees, they shiver restlessly
Awaiting things unknown.
The grasses ripple fitfully;
Earth shudders to her bone.

No cricket song, no croaking frog,
The night bird's call is still;
The very dark enwrapped by fog,
Subject to darker will.

A heavy stillness mutes the air,
The wind now holds its breath;
An unseen power~fey or fair?~
Has forced it still as death.

Sudden flashes tear the sky,
Yet, silence reigning still,
Thunder can give no reply
The painful void to fill.

Streak by streak the Lightning twists,
Furious at the rebuff.
Powerfully the dark resists
"Til Night has had enough.

A crash of Thunder breaks the chain
To join his comrade light,
Together bringing sheeting Rain
To batter down the Night.

The spell cast off, the Wind brings now
Her force to add in turn;
Night's force beats back, it will not cow,
It threatens to return.

The four unlikely allies strain
Against the foe's dark might;
Thunder, Lightning, Wind, and Rain
Combat the force of Night.

"Til finally battle finds its end
With black Night's sudden fall;
The dark, no strength to still contend,
Gives up its hold on all.

The Wind subsides, the Thunder dies,
The Lightning hides her face;
Only Rain will now remain
All war wounds to erase.

Sunrise then breaks forth at last,
Dissipating mist.
The nightly struggle now is past,
The elements at rest.

Yet Earth reserves her strength as yet,
Gathering force in turn;
The others spent, she won't forget,
But waits for Night's return.

Author's age when written

This was inspired by a storm, as you might guess, and when it was happening, it gave the feeling of the "old days" from Greek myth, particularly when Gaea and Kronos were ruling. I tried to put a bit of that into verse.


This is absolutely exquisite. Your imagery is lovely, and the rhythm is precise. A very pleasing read.
As irony would have it, there is a storm raging outide my window, so it was very easy to enter into the emotion behind your words. Well done!

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

WOW. Just WOW.
The rhyming scheme was so pleasant to read, and your word choice is so perfect! I truly felt the thunder in my chest and felt the rain on my face. I loved it so much!

Introverts unite!
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