What if?

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(A bit of explanation:
Here are some musings of mine. It started with a "If I could take a bite of the sun, what would it taste like" and went on a rampage from there. Now obviously no one can bite the sun, and supposing they did they would burn their tongues (to say the least). But what does the sun look like it tastes like?
And that’s where this came in.)

What if?
Sometimes I ask myself-
What if?
If sunbeams had a taste they would taste like lemon meringue pie or hot rolls. They would smell like fresh baked bread. They would feel like morning mist or golden silk. They would sound like a harp in a meadow or the sounds of a forest. Sunbeams are sweet, soft, meadowy.
If moonbeams had a taste, they would taste like snowflakes or raindrops on the tongue. They would smell like lilies or baby’s-breath or clean sheets. They would feel like cold night mist or snow falling. They would sound like a harp in the night or soft footsteps or crying. Moonbeams are bittersweet, cold, lovely, mournful, quiet, soft, silent, still, ethereal.
If a rainbow had a taste, it would taste like cotton candy. It would smell like perfume. It would feel like a book illustration. It would sound like a trumpet or laughter. A rainbow is joyful, hopeful, brilliant, colorful, triumphant.
If dancing had a taste, it would taste like cream puffs. It would smell like new ballet shoes. It would feel like the wind in your face or sliding down a banister or a silk glove. It would sound like a piano or the swish of a ball-gown’s skirt. Dancing is energetic, sweet, lovely, exhilarating.
If flying had a taste, it would taste like lemonade on a hot day. It would smell like fresh air on an autumn morning. It would feel like dancing. It would sound like a flute or laughter. Flying is light, lifting, carefree, fleeting, wonderful, exhilarating.
If laughter had a taste, it would taste like whipped cream. It would smell like vanilla pudding. It would feel like a bubbly, frothy brook or bouncing on the bed. It would look like a butterfly or a meadowlark or crow’s-feet around the eyes or a balloon rising higher and higher into the sky. Laughter is merry, bright, joyful, lovely, spirit-lifting, carefree.
If reading had a taste, it would taste like candy, all kinds. It would smell like an old book or morning coffee or caramel or chocolate. It would feel like a page of paper or a tasseled bookmark or a pressed flower. I would sound like crying or laughing or holding your breath or reading aloud or heavy pages turning or the voices you just barely hear on the edge of your sleep. Reading is exciting, interesting, sad, happy, suspenseful, bittersweet, moving, wonderful, creative.
If writing had a taste, it would taste like something you have made with your own hands. It would smell like soup with many ingredients. It would feel like a blank sheet of paper or being on a Ferris wheel or a merry-go-round or working a puzzle or shaping clay. It would sound like a pencil flying across paper or someone typing or a potter’s wheel spinning or a spinning wheel thrumming. Writing is hard, frustrating, confusing, but fun. It takes determination, creativity, hard work. And as a reward, you have triumph, pride in what you’ve done, satisfaction.
Writing is like the question mark at the end of an inquiry, full of possibilities.
And every question starts with a-
What if?

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That was beautiful Anna. You caught the strings of my imagination and I floated right along with you. I enjoy your writings. I am Sarah L's Omie (grandma)

thank you all!

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Anna this is really good, you wrote down almost my exact feelings on a lot of these things. Very good!

Wow! You Inspire me! Seriously!
"Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind!"

Anna, thank you for sharing this with us! I smiled all the way through...

Nice job Anna!

*happy face*

The Truth will set you free.

Your imagination and creativity is astounding! That was really beautiful, good job!

Clare D

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