The Cabin

Submitted by Benjamin on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 23:16

For long I’ve sat and listened here,
In sun’s gold rays and moonbeams pale,
These mem’ries held through many a year.
Come hark, and listen to my tale.

‘Twas long ago in early morn,
I felt the axe’s bitter blade
And from my hillside I was torn
I left my home, my forest glade.
My branches shorn I naked lay
Among my other brethren great
Enduring long the sun’s fierce ray
Awaiting there to see our fate.
O’er many days men built us there
Four walls of logs, encircling round.
A mighty building, high and fair,
No better shelter could be found.

A man and woman often stayed
Within our walls at night to sleep.
By day providing cooling shade,
By night we were their castle’s keep.
Grandpa and Grandma they were called
By children who through here have run,
By mountains and by woods enthralled,
They ran and leapt beneath the sun.

The boisterous laughter and the tears
Those happy summer days did mark,
With legends told that sparked new fears
Of Sasquatch lurking in the dark.
The hours-long walks in summer’s noon
Returning here with buckets filled,
Revealing treasures found, but soon
Away again: A fort to build.
Now as day fades and wanes the light
‘Tis time for all to head for bed.
With teeth all clean and shining white
They file on past, goodnights are said.

This all I see: a tale of love
The tale of this man and his wife.
I watch still from my perch above
The trails that travel through their life.

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Written for my Grandparents' 60th anniversary.


Wow. This is really well-written, but most importantly it is good because it has a heart. Poetry written particularly for or about someone is the best, because it is relatable, and because it actually means something in a special way.
Great job! I didn't see any grammer/spelling mistakes, and it flowed really smoothly. My tongue didn't stumble a single time.
Keep up the good works!
God bless you.

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I agree with Damaris Ann, this is quite well written. It flowed nicely and was a nice change in topic compared to other pieces on here. Good job :)

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Ditto to Damaris Ann!!! This was absolutely lovely! The rythme, the wording all of it very masterfully and beautifully don't! It flowed nicely!
Love, love!

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I just had to come back and read this after returning home from the cabin. :) this is beautiful. The people make it beautiful. Thank you, cousin. :)

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.