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Wonder of the glowing sunrise
With its golden day breaking horizons

Wonder of the laden dew
With tall green grass and sparkling leaves

Wonder of the sun’s bright light
With rays of gold stream down

Wonder of soft cloudy dawns
With cool wind wisps by

Wonder of the glistening lapping waves
With mermaids swimming tails glittering in sun

Wonder of the wavering sea
With blue depths, the sun rays gleaming through

Wonder of the rising whale
With water he leaps, as he comes from the sea

Wonder of the shallow pool
With glinting waves flowing

Wonder of the fresh blue sky
With Pegasus soaring with wings out spread

Wonder of the rolling fields
With unicorns and majestic galloping horses

Wonder of the horses neigh
With clapping thunder does it sound

Wonder of the screeching eagle
With eyes of fierceness and wings of wind

Wonder of the mountains high
With cool wind gusting powerful might

Wonder of roaring falls
With gushing waters spouting into foam

Wonder of the crashing avalanche
With stones and snow throwing during the storm

Wonder of the pouring blizzard
With snow so white blinding out dawn

Wonder of the sparkling snow
With early sun rise beaming with light

Wonder of the howling wolf
With majestic stand, he rises alone

Wonder of the white moon
With light of blindness shining

Wonder of the silver stars
With lights so small, yet beauty serene

Wonder of the dark blue sky
With lights twinkling, hovering as a dome

Wonder of the shading trees
With beaming light they stand against sky

Wonder of the soft lush grass
With no light it bends down as wind sweeps by

Wonder of the dark lit plains
With black stretched out with stars

Wonder of the dancing nebula
With sparkling stars they shine in lights

Wonder of the deep blue sea
With stars, it reflects and flows ever on

Wonder of the sea shores
With waves lapping they sit still

Wonder of the smelling clouds
With storm coming dark and serene

Wonder of the bellowing wind
With howling gust tearing down trees

Wonder of the creaking limbs
With their bending, the wind pours down

Wonder of the clashing lightning
With crackling hands, reaching ‘cross black sky

Wonder of the shaking thunder
With crashing hooves and frightening power

Wonder of the pouring rain
With sheets of hail swallowing the earth

Wonder of the growing floods
With rolling waves scurrying past plains

Wonder of the deep marsh
With green surrounding is silent

Wonder of the mossy rocks
With hidden waters they stand

Wonder of the lush green plants
With creeping creatures in jungles far

Wonder of the twisting trees
With large trunks and winding branches

Wonder of the soft clear waters
With bending trees looking down

Wonder of shadowy forest
With nymphs and fairies swirling about

Wonder of the narrow path
Calm and silent, all is still

Wonder of the heavy mist
With soft wind, it hovers over streams

Wonder of the wildness
With creatures dwelling upon it

Wonder of the green oasis
With rivers running and birds calling

Wonder of the brazen desert
With hot sands swirling into dust

Wonder of the mountain passes
With iron delved in them

Wonder of the clashing steel
With light it flashes swinging on high

Wonder of the marching knights
With banners waving and lances lifted

Wonder of the singing bravery
With hearts of iron it clashes against

Wonder of the swift steed
With many tales to be told

Wonder of the snorting dragon
With fire from mouth, and coals for eyes

Wonder of the curling smoke
With bright blue sky blinded

Wonder of the leaping flame
With red glowing from log burning

Wonder of climbing clouds
With red light of blushing orange

Wonder of lurking shadows
With the dawn and dusk they come

Wonder of the setting sun
With white holding and rays of red

Wonder of the sunset plains
With light of fire they welcome the night


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wow! that was wonderful!
Abstract, random thoughts flit through my mind,
manisfesting themselves in meaningless doodles.............................

"Sometimes even to live is courage."