The Helicopter Ride

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I timidly peered out the window at the ground far, far below. My hands quaked hard as I desperately pulled myself back into my seat. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down, but to no avail.
Maybe this helicopter tour wasn't the best idea.
I looked over at my friend Marie who had gotten me into this mess. She smiled at me giddily, and then returned her gaze to the window. How could she be happy right now? This was torture! I leaned forward into the cockpit of the helicopter and addressed the captain. I tried to sound confident, but my voice betrayed me with that shaky tremble I get when I am afraid.
“When are we going to land?”
I asked. He looked at me and said,
“I don't know.”
“He what???” I screeched in my head, but I managed to stop it before it escaped my mouth. I swallowed hard and somehow made out
“W-w-why don't y-you know?”
He responded, uncomfortably straight forward,
“Its not my decision.”
I edged my way back into my seat. He couldn't land at any time? What if there was an emergency? Would we just have to crash? What if one of us spontaneously died? What if I just couldn't stand it? What if I just had to get off? I couldn't? I was trapped? This helicopter seemed more and more like a prison every moment I stayed in it. I breathed deeply, and slowly, trying to forget where I was, my horrible situation, but the loud propellers were too overpowering. My calming and regenerative breathing turned into frantic panting, which turned into terrified gasping, but the helicopter just wouldn't land.
Suddenly, the helicopter lurched forward, as if pulled by the wind. The captain looked confused, which was not what I wanted to see right now. I gripped my legs tight as tears streamed down my face. Even brave Marie was scared.
I could see through the front windshield that we were falling from the sky. Not only that, but we were in a collision coarse with a big tree. Marie screamed, and I joined in. Soon even the captain was screaming. The tree came closer,
And then we hit it. The tree shook, but it didn't snap.
As for all of us in the helicopter, we were pretty hurt. The impact had shaken us up, and the helicopter was badly damaged. We were all hurt, bleeding, and afraid to move for fear of falling. The helicopter was stuck in the tree, partially dangling down, swinging slowly. I built up the courage, and then peeked out the cracked window, which now faced directly toward the ground. I saw that we were in a tree in the park. There were two children standing under us, staring up in awe. I waved at them frantically, and motioned to them to get help, but they just stood and stared. Finally, one of them turned to the other and slapped him.
“I can’t believe you just crashed my new remote control helicopter! I JUST got it!!!”

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Are you guys terrible at flying RC helicopters too? This story is what I imagine happens EVERY TIME anyone crashes a RC helicopter. EVERY TIME.


Haha!! This is a fun piece. These little last-minute-twist stories are so much fun to write.
Other than some punctuation errors this was really well-done! I'd seriously consider sending it to a kids' magazine or entering it in a contest.

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