The Road to Nowhere

Submitted by Ragdoll on Sun, 01/25/2009 - 04:20
The road to nowhere. Or that's what it seems like anyways. Heading west on Interstate 10 with my mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, cat, and myself. Miles of empty land stretching out all around us. Small hills here and there. A lot of yellowish-greenish grass. Dry. Like no water has touched their roots in ages. My cat finally sleeps peacefully after an hour of meowing. My brother is immersed in his video game. I wonder if he will keep his neck down for that long, the whole trip. 10 more hours. 10 more hours. I can make it. I have to. I person can't die of boredom, can they? No. I have done this trip before. I will make it. I thank God every minute that our means of transportation are as comfortable as they are.

The weather is not too bad. Then again, I am only guessing on one of my senses, sight. I can only look out the window and see the sun in the partly cloudy sky. It could be freezing for all I knew, or care. I have no idea where we are. Somewhere in Texas.

Even though my road trip today consist of nothing but empty hours, some believe that modern technology helps make long trips seem easier. In my mom’s case, it is a CD player. What would a 10 hour road trip be without 70's disco music?

My brother must have a high pain tolerance or something. His neck is still bent downwards, eyes locked in on his game.

Maybe our dry spell will end soon. We are entering rain clouds It looks like this area could use some rain. I could use some rain, I know I wouldn't be able to feel the rain, but a change of scenery would be a nice, well, change.

Only three and a half more hours to go. So close. We have all changed positions now. My brother is driving(I guess he couldn't keep his head down for 10 hours), My sister is in the back, and my mother and I are in the middle. We passed the rain clouds with only a few drops along the way. I have to say that outside is more beautiful. Miles of empty land, yes. But you can start to see small mountains and the sun is beginning to set. The grass is still yellowish-greenish. The only difference is that as we head further west, there seems to become less and less of it.

I close my eyes for a short while. Almost willing time to go faster. Then suddenly the disco music turned into a carnival themed song. I open my eyes to a scene that I will do my best to describe.

My brother was wearing a clown suite and a rainbow wig and a big red nose. Instead of a silver minivan, I was sitting on a game booth with my sister, who was also wearing a clown suit. The only difference was that she was walking on stilts! We weren't in Texas anymore. Now, we were in a big open space full of rich green grass. I saw a Farris wheel off in the distance. Two girls with balloons ran in front of me. I decided I wasn't going to figure anything out by just sitting here. so I got up and started my adventure.

The first thing I wanted to do was to find out where my parents were. I quickly found my dad, who was working in the magician's booth. Surprise! The only trick I have seen my dad perform was pulling a quarter out from behind my ear. So now that I knew where my brother, sister, and father were, I went out in search for my mother. I couldn't help myself, so I stopped and bought some cotton candy along the way. I found my mother in the last place I looked, also the last place I would have thought possible. I walked into a big red and white striped tent and saw my mom, fifty feet up in the air, walking the tight rope! I watched her until she walked the whole length of the rope. I turned to leave and I ran smack into a guy selling popcorn. I fell backwards bracing myself for the hard cement. But I just kept falling. Into nothingness. I woke up with a jolt as my head bumped against the window. We were already home. The road to nowhere had an end.

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that was really good. It really drew me in and I was sad when it came to an end. sadly, I would have been your brother, immersed in a video game (or sleeping). But i don't play with my head down.
Are Washintonians the only people who pronounce the word "our" as "are"?

Oh, this was so good!! Great job!
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Nice work! :)

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I know exactly what you are talking about (the road trip part, anyway) I've been in the exact same situation-- head leaning against the car window with miles and miles of New Mexico and Texas flashing past. Talk about flat:)
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I love how you described the scenery. I was on a road trip a couple years ago, and I know how boring it can be, especially driving through states like Montana and Kansas. And I know the relief we feel when we finally arrive home after a long trip. Very descriptive!

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