The old foolish Nine

Submitted by Hannah on Mon, 12/01/2008 - 23:14

My grandpa sat me down one day and said “My Dear it’s Time”
“It’s Time to tell you all about the old foolish Nine.”
“The foolish Nine, alas, such a tragedy.
But I’m sure thankful it didn’t happen to me.”
“The foolish Nine were nine old men who decided to go out west
But halfway there they stopped for lunch an’ started arguin’ ‘bout what tastes best.
Now these old men where ornery, as ornery as some mules.
So these old men kept arguin’ a long way past noon.
They kept up this disagreement till the sun was gone,
And yesiree they kept arguing until the crack of dawn.
But then the wisest of them all (and he sure was a fool!)
Said “We must stop this arguin’ or mold will grow on our food!”
They all saw the wisdom in his words so they turned
Around to eat some lunch and on the table was a bird! That bird had eaten all their food and it really was quite fat. Now these old men broke down in tears as they realized that they didn’t have any food to get back.”
“Now that is the story of the old foolish Nine. So Janie dear I hope you’ve learned that you really need to be wise. But wisdom only comes from one Place and that’s from God above. So listen to God and let Him lead
you in wisdom and in love.”

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A quite vivid way to portray foolishness as what it really is.

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle

It really says (to me) that the things that we think are importent might not be. And I think it's funny :)

hmm a fat bird...
wow. those men... wuts the matter with them!

The unperfect person, in the unperfect world, surrounded by unperfect people, with an absolutely perfect God!

The Truth will set you free.

Hey I like this. It kinda reminds me of the story about the six men and the elephant. BTW, Hannah, you know me by a different name in real life.

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