For the Fallen City

Submitted by Timothy on Sun, 09/03/2006 - 07:00

In rugged mountains ringed in mist
You stood, majestic, against the sky
Where mighty timbers soared towards heaven
Your tall spires shimmered on high

Where trickling creek met mighty river
And Voolkys wandered in the sun
Where cave mouths shimmered with hint of diamond
You nestled with beauty matched by none

In fairer days the merchant traders
Thronged to deal in your pleasant streets
Spices and fabrics and fruit from afar
Were bought and sold from the hawker’s seat

The sun shone ever on your glorious army
It glinted off shields of polished gold
And sages declared past deeds of glory
And sang of your mighty conquests of old

Mighty were your dwellings then
Made of rich timber and the finest of stones
Beauty of beauties displayed in wonder
From common house to your monarch’s throne

The fear of the seas was your mighty navy
And the splendor of your ships was glorious to see
From horizon to horizon stretched your armada
Remembered will they always be

But woe! Your beauty was stolen away
And your splendor fled into the night
Your might was cut and broken down
And dimmed was your once so glorious light

The spires of your city steeples
Were cracked and broken, crushed, thrown down
Your people fled in mortal terror
Squelched were life’s abundant sounds

What sin could cause such sudden downfall?
What error bring down heaven’s spite?
Did you not live in cool indifference
Toward the granter of all might?

Oh, mighty city once so glorious!
Your ruins cry into the night
“Look! And see the reward of those
Who forget the one who gives them light!”

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I love this poem, it's an awesome piece. I could see the images flashing across my vision as I read. Very visual, I love it. :)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.