Sea Eyes, Chapter 7, by Xotirra

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My head spun.  It turned me around and around in circles, and it was throbbing too.  My eyelids seemed glued together, and I struggled to open them.  Finally I managed it, and found myself staring into a boy’s face, into which were set light brown eyes that stared at me intently.  I may have blushed at this point.  He was actually rather handsome.  His jaw was straight and strong.  All this, I took in while he was staring at me.
I wondered what he thought of me, a girl in goodness-knows-where hurtling off cliffs as if to break her neck.  This was the second time I had been unconscious, and my head hurt enormously.  I started to slip back into the blackness.  “Hey, are you alright?”  He shook my shoulder.
I came back quickly to the present and groaned.  (I didn’t mean to groan.  Generally I don’t like to groan, but it just slipped out.  My head was throbbing.)
“Can you hear me?” he asked.   I just blinked at him.  Stars were passing before my eyes again, and I felt strange.  “Go away.” I said grumpily.  I was in no mood to have someone this handsome see me like this.  As if to prove that I wanted him to go away, I pushed his arm.  His arm was strangely stubborn.  In fact, it even grabbed my arm, then laid it back down beside me.
I was getting more confused by the minute.  I felt that maybe I should know him, but I didn’t.  And then it struck me.  What was my name?  Did I have one?  Should I have one?  It seemed natural that I should have something to call myself by.  I couldn’t remember my name?  I couldn’t remember anything, except cliffs and sand and blue, blue sky.
“Do you know me?” I asked, hoping he did, and he could tell me something.  But he answered, with a laugh in his eyes, “Not a bit. And you don’t know me, either.”
That wasn’t a real answer, I thought, even though it was.  I already told you I wasn’t thinking clearly!
“To be frank, I don’t even know me.”
I must have been hearing things.  Ever since then, I would look back and tell myself that that was when I fell in love.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But it works well enough for me.


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WHY DO I NEVER SEE WHEN YOU POST THINGS!!! Agghhh, fantastical. And quit with the cliffhangers (as if I were one to talk). Awesome. Post more. NOW.

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