The Prince Who Went Searching for True Love- Chapters 5 & 6

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Here are the next two chapters. Hope you enjoy :D 

Chapter Five

Across The Sea


The prince got in the ship that was made specially for his True Love by his father the king (though the prince did not want to wait for it to be built). It was a beautiful ship. The cabin for his True Love was like a royal bedchamber in a palace, with lacy curtains and diamonds on the edges of the bed. The entire ship was beautiful. The ship set sail and the prince went to his cabin and sat there dreaming of what he would say to his True Love when he saw her. He stayed there all day and at lunch time, the captain came in and asked if he was hungry. 

"No, let my True Love eat it." 

"She is not here yet." 

"Then eat it yourself, you big ape!" he said angrily, and went back to day dreaming. 

It was late at night when the prince woke up from many nice dreams of his True Love. But he did not wake of his own will. He woke by being hurled from his bed and hearing shouting on deck. He scrambled to his feet and went out. People were bailing water out in little buckets while the captain shouted orders for the boats to be lowered. Then they all began climbing into the boats. The prince realized that the ship was sinking so he tried to get in a boat but the captain pushed him out of the way and said, 

"Get out of the way. We're busy." 

Then the captain got in the last boat and it went away. 

"Hey! Help! Help!" shouted the prince, shocked that they would leave him. 

Then he jumped into the water and began swimming towards the boat. But he remembered to late that he did not know how to swim, and he began sinking. When he came up he was almost drowned. He saw a rock sticking out of the water. 

That must be what we hit, he thought. 

So he began trying to swim towards it. He went under several times but every time he came back up he was closer to the rock. Finally he climbed on top of it and sat there shivering. He then began yelling at the captain and sailors for leaving him behind, but they did not hear. 

He sat there all day wishing he could swim to shore and wishing he had eaten the day before. Suddenly he saw a ship. It was huge. It came closer and closer. But he was too proud to call for help. The ship got so close it was about to hit the rock, but he did not call out to warn them. In fact, he hoped it would crash so that he could get in a boat. He got in the water and held on so he would not be hit by the ship. Then the ship hit it and he climbed back on. Soon the boats began going down. He opened his mouth to call for help, but he stopped. He was too proud to call for help. The boats were soon far away and he began yelling at them for leaving him. He sat there all day and saw another ship. This time he was so hungry he jumped up and started calling, 

"Help! Help! Help!" 

The ship lowered a boat and brought him on board. 

"Why look!" said the captain. "It's the prince. I heard he was going to find his True Love." 

Then the prince noticed they were headed for the rock and he did not want to drown or have the ship sunk so he said 

"My ship and another ship hit that rock over there and sunk. You should be careful." 

"Don't worry. My ship can go over rocks without getting messed up," said the captain proudly. 

"I wish our ship had been like that," said the prince. 

And they went on. Suddenly the ship hit the rock and began to sink. The prince jumped in a boat and began rowing away. But the captain jumped in. The prince was angry. 

"You big miserable liar!" he shouted. "You said your ship wouldn't sink!" 

And he threw  the captain into the water. But the captain was able to get in another boat, so he did not drown. The prince rowed for three days and then he saw the shore but there was no palace on the shore.


Chapter Six

Naked Heathens


The prince got out of his boat and then felt sorry for his True Love. He saw a small gathering of tents and a campfire in the middle. He did not see his True Love yet but he did see other people walking around. 

Naked Heathens! he gasped. 

One of the naked heathens saw him and shouted something to the others. They all began running at him. He drew his sword and yelled, 

"Stand were you are and take not one step more if you value your pathetic heathen lives!" 

They stopped and stared at him and then at each other and began talking to each other. Then they all ran back to the tents. 

"I always get what I want," he said, putting his sword in the sheath. 

Just then he saw the naked heathens running at him again with clubs. He was about to draw his sword again when he saw a heathen lady come out. She was very ugly. It shocked him so bad that he forgot to draw his sword. BONK! And he knew no more. 


Prince Robert woke up after several hours and sat up. He was all tied up and angry as ever. He saw the ugly heathen lady stirring a pot. He smelled a very good thing. He wondered if they would offer him any. Then a fat heathen came in. He looked like he might be the chief. He wore a big bear claw necklace. He looked at Prince Robert and began poking him with a long skinny finger. "Uh! Ahhh," he said and turned to the other and began saying something that the prince could not understand to another heathen. They untied him and brought him to the pot.  

Good, I get some food. I am very hungry. 

But then they picked him up and threw him in the pot. He quickly realized he had not been invited to join the feast, but to be the feast. But they had been too hungry to wait for the water to get to hot. So they threw him in and stood around ready to bonk his head if he came up. 

Prince Robert pulled his knife out that the naked heathens had not taken and put a hole in the pot. All the water poured out. Then the prince pulled the pot on top of him and got ready to stick any naked heathens that tried to pick it up. He stuck the first one, then he jumped out and grabbed the heathen lady and said, 

"If you come any closer I will stick her." 

So they stopped. He let go of her and ran to his boat and went away.

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I love this! it is so funny, and has a sense of dry humor that is really priceless. The poor prince!

Liana Wood