God is in Control

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The twelve-year-old girl laughed as she drew the reigns of her horse in, and tucked a strand of stray wavy brown hair behind her ear. Her pigtail braids were rather loose after her wild gallop across the fields.
"That was fun!" She said to her companion.
"Yeah, it was! I had always wanted to heard cows like that, and now I really have!"
"Me too! It makes me feel like a real cowgirl."

Hannah shook her curly blonde hair out of her eyes.
"Where do you wanna go now, Damaris?"
"I don't know, maybe we should call Aunt April and see how much time we have before we have to unsaddle."
"Umm, Damaris, the phone's gone!"
"What do you mean, gone?"
You could hear the worry with an undertone of excitement in Damaris's voice.
"I mean it's not here anymore! The last time I saw it was right before we started hearding the cows, and it was stuck in the saddle right in front of me."
"This is really serious, Hannah. Aunt April will be really mad at us if we lose Jonathan's cellphone."
Hannah started to back track a little ways to see if she could spot the phone anywhere. Damaris sat still and pondered on what time it might posably be.
"Hmm, Aunt April told us we could ride for three hours, and we left right at 2:00. Granny said she would be back from town at 4:30, and I saw her pull in at least twenty minutes ago, so it should be right around 5:00.
"God, please help us find the phone! I know that this sounds crazy, but could you lead Annie to the phone?"
The little girl had a strong faith, so she clicked her tonge and gave Annie a free reign.
the horse took off at a trot and headed toward the middle of the field.
"This is crazy!" The girl with the strong faith thought. "We didn't even ride over here!
"God, please have someone call the phone right now so I can hear the ringer and find it."
The horse kept trotting foreward, even when the girl started pulling on the reigns, and went even further out into the middle of the field.
Damaris strained her ears, all her senses allert to her surroundings.
"Huh! That's funny, it sounds like the phone is ringing way out in the middle of the field... it must be my imagination."
The horse took off even faster at the sound of the phone ringer, and then came to a sudden halt, nearly throwing Damaris off. She slowly lowered her head until her nose was touching the ground.
Cautiously, Damaris peered over Annie's ears, and what do you think she saw? Jonathan's cellphone! And it was ringing! It was Aunt April calling to say that it was 5:00, and that the girls needed to hurry back and unsaddle.
That day, Damaris's strong faith was tested and it was made even stronger, and to this day she looks back and thanks God for answering her prayers so amazingly.
I hope that this encouraged somebody, and I apologize if the conversation is a little stiff, but it happened four years ago, and I don't remember the whole thing word-for-word. =)
Thanks for reading!

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Ah, what a nice story! God is so caring with things like that :)
The conversation is stiff, but that's okay.

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