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111 Questions
1)Are you really ready for 111 questions?
I guess so, if I'm doing this.

2) Where are you taking this test at?
My computer. On Apricot Pie.

3) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
I've never been in one.

4) Who did you last say “I love you” to?
My Mom a second ago.

5) Do you regret it?
Haaa....nooo....definitely not. Why would you say I love you to someone if you're going to regret it? Um, word of advice, kids: don't say I love you to someone if you don't, well, mean it.

6) Have you ever been depressed?
No. Like, not clinically depressed. If you're asking if I've ever been sad, sure. Everyone has.

7) Are you a boy or girl?

8) Do you have a job?
Kind of. I tutor a couple days a week.

9) What is your relationship status?
Single and content to not mingle.

10) How do you want to die?
I don't want to anytime soon. Or far off into the future. Would rather not think about it.

11) What did you last eat?
A half an hour ago.

12) Played any sports?
Not really. I bike and walk and occasionally run but it's terrible-ish.

13) Do you bite your nails?
Not anymore. I went through a period where I did several times a day. This is disgusting, but I didn't even have to use clippers for a few months. And then I realized the amount of bacteria that is under your nails, and that was the end of that.

14) When was your last physical fight?
Um...it was with one of my brothers, but they're both pretty much bigger than me now, so it had to have been a few years ago.

15) Do you have an attitude?
Who gave you the right to ask me that?! So, yes. **Edit** Just ask everyone on Apricot Pie who directly dealt with me when I was 12. I'm sorry, guys. I had opinions, and I felt they had to be shared.

16) Do you like someone?

17) What is your real name?

18) What is the background of your computer screen?
A picture of me, my cousin and two second cousins dressed up for a music video we were filming.

19) Are you doing anything in particular right now?
About to go play a board game!

20) Do you hate anyone at the moment?
I've never hated anyone, actually. So no.

21) Do you miss someone?
Kind of. I always miss my best friend a bit. :)

22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
I think a bit of both.

23) Do you tan or burn in the sun?
Does a burn that fades to a glorious tan count? No? Okay, then. Burn.

24) Have any pets?
Three dogs and a cat.

25) How exactly are you feeling?
Pretty good, since I just got back from a walk! Actually met a couple of guys by chance that aren't stereotypically rude to adults and then came home to find there was food on my face. So actually: conflicted.

26) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
Of course. But not me driving. I don't like driving.

27) Ever hurt someone when you were just kidding around?
No. I accidentally pushed my brother down the stairs once, when I didn't mean to, but I'd pushed him in anger at the time, so. Also, I probably shouldn't be admitting that. In my defense, we were nine and seven, and he was being REALLY ANNOYING. Not push-him-down-the-stairs annoying, but still.

28) Would you take any of your exes back?
Don't have any. And probably not.

29) Are you afraid of spiders?

31) Do you regret anything from your past?
Um...I suppose. Little things. A couple of big things.

32) What are your plans for this weekend?
Boating on Saturday and the One Direction Concert movie on Sunday with Kass. :) Then cousin is coming over to watch The Walking Dead season premiere. So, for once, I ACTUALLY HAVE PLANS.

33) Do you want to have kids?
Yes. But not until my thirties, at least, and I like the idea of adopting.

34) Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?
My mom and dad.

35) Do you type fast?
Yes. Extremely. Ask anyone. Haha!

36) Do you have piercings?
My ears.

37) Want any more?
Actually, yes. A nose ring, if I'm being honest.

38) Can you spell well?
I can spell fairly well. There are a few tricky words, though. Like fourescent. See, I spelled that wrong. It's fluorescent. Had to think about that.

39) Do you miss anyone from your past?

40) What are you craving right now?
Coffee. Nothing new.

41) Ever been to a bonfire party?
Plenty of times! I went just like Sunday to a youth group thing that included a bonfire. :)

42) Have you ever been to jail?
Couple of times. Ha. I'm kidding.

43) Have you ever been on a horse?
No, actually.

44) Kissed someone in a pick up truck?

45) Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
I don't think so.

46) Have you ever been cheated on?
Maybe, like, in my fantasies?

47) Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
Nope. Never had one.

48) What time is it currently?
9:00 on the dot.

49) Do you reread texts on your phone?
Most definitely. Especially if I'm somewhere public and am trying to appear busy.

50) What should you be doing?
Probably practicing the piano for my aunt and uncle's wedding, but that's not happening.

51) What’s irritating you right now?
The fact that I had food on my face while talking to people. (see #25)

52) Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
Kind of. Yes.

53) Does somebody love you?
Parents! And brothers. And my cat, actually. And my best friend, I suppose. And my cousins. And my aunts and uncles and grandparents and family friend. So, yes, they do. I'm fortunate.

54) What is your favorite color?
Any shade of red except the really bright ones. Also muted colors, like navy blue, brown, faded pink, cream, faded green, lavender, black and grey, pale yellow. I don't technically have a super favorite.

55) Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
Yes! Recently, actually. I put my coat over my lap and switched pants.

57) Do you have trust issues?
Not trust issues, but I'm fairly reserved. I don't reveal everything about myself.

58) You are over half way done with this. Are you sure you want to continue?

59) Do you have any siblings?
Two brothers.

60) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

61) Do you live with anyone?
My family.

62) Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you still?
Probably not very often, since I don't have one.

63) Who was the last person you cried in front of?
I burst into tears randomly a couple weeks ago while playing a board game with my brother. I alternated between laughing and snuffling into a pillow. So him and my Mom.

64) Do you give out second chances too easily?
Probably. I don't hold grudges.

65) Is it easier to forgive or forget?
To forgive. I don't like to forget.

66) Is this year the best year of your life?
Last year was pretty great, but I always like to think that the year you're currently living is the best so far.

67) What was your child hood nickname?

68) Craziest thing you've ever done?
Referred to my cat as "babe" on several occasions. No, seriously.

69) What is your motto in life?
You cannot make me feel like it's enough to just be fine. Try to be open. Love people. Just ride. ;)

70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
A part of me says yes and the other part says no. It's definitely comforting, when things seem upside down, to use that as a mantra.

71) What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Changed my bottom sheet because the cat hair had stuck to it even though I'd just changed it the night before.

72) Do you have a best friend?
Yes, and I'm very lucky to have her.

73) What is bothering you?
I am a procrastinator by nature, and a hypochondriac. So I could list a number of things, but really, they're not pressing in this moment: so nothing.

74) Have you ever been out of your country?
No. I want to, though.

75) Do you play the Wii?
I used to. Now it's Call of Duty zombies on the Xbox, if I do play, which isn't very often at all.

76) Are you listening to music right now?
No. I like to either focus on music or focus on computer.

77) Do you like Chinese food?
Love it!

78) Favorite person?
I can't choose just one. My parents, brothers, cousin, Kass, Harry Styles...haha...Caspar Lee. No, seriously. That's a bit of an unfair question.

79) Are you afraid of the dark?
No, but I hate it being pitch dark, when you can't see anything. That scares me to death.

80) Is cheating ever okay?
I don't believe so.

81) Are you mean?
I definitely can be.

82) Can you keep white shoes clean?
Probably not. My new converse I got in December were destroyed by August.

83) What was the last song you listened to?
Oh, goodness...um...I was listening to the radio today. I've had "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith stuck in my head so I guess that.

84) Do you believe in true love?

85) What are you currently wearing?
A "Don't Git Bit" Walking Dead tshirt, jeans, and socks. It's cold this time of year.

86) What do you wear to bed?

87) What is the weather like right now?
Perfectly fallish and lovely. :)

88) Do you like the outside?

89) Are you currently bored?
Nope. Not particularly.

90) Do you wanna get married?
I suppose so.

91) Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
No. Gag me.

92) Are you hungry?
I'm always hungry.

93) Have you ever kissed someone?
No. Other than my parents.

94) What makes you happy?
All sorts of things. Books with good parts, playing board games with my brother and Dad, coffee in the mornings, walks with my Mom, jokes that my brother makes, meeting new people that I click with, being around my best friend, just sitting with my cousin, not feeling the need to do or say anything, watching a good movie, petting my cat. Basically life.

95) Would you change your name?

96) Ever been to Alaska?
Um...arbitrary. But no. Don't have any desire to.

98) Do you watch the news?
I scan Buzzfeed daily, but that's it.

99) What’ s your zodiac sign?
A virgo. It's pretty head-on stuff, actually.

100) Do you like Subway?
If I could eat there, yes. I'm gluten free.

101) Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?

102) Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
Ask me again when I get a best friend of the opposite sex and he likes me.

103) Do you like talking to your friends?

104) What do you plan to do with the rest of your day?
Find something to eat (haha), read a little bit, maybe watch TV and make a french press.

105) Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?
Yes. Actually run on one occasion, gone out of my way to have them not see me on another.

106) Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?

107) Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
The guys I met on the walk, I guess. And my brother.

108) Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
If I really loved somebody, I guess not.

109) Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My mom.

110) Favorite lyrics right now?
"You've got nothing wrong with you, killa/Thrilla in Manila" or "Let's go have fun/you and me in the old jeep/running around town with our rifles in the front seat"

111) Can you count to one million?
I'd get bored after ten.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this! haha! :) I would love it if you read this and if you comment. If you make your own, let me know, and I'll be reading it!


Oh, Homey!! This is so funny!!

"Um, word of advice, kids: don't say I love you to someone if you don't, well, mean it." - HAHAHA!

Good answer to 102) about someone liking you.

25) - about your walk - so funny.

"Do you have an attitude" answer - that was a good one!

Glad that so far everyone who's done this loves Chinese food........

I like your answer to what makes you happy. Blessings of life!

I bite my nails. Maybe I'll stop since you mentioned bacteria.

Now...I'm seriously considering doing this and posting it here. The only thing that stops me is that this isn't really creative writing. And doesn't take much thought. Not much quality. Maybe we should transform this into a humorous little piece.

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aw, thanks, Megan! And please do post it! I know you maintain a really high quality of writing here but this would be a great way to get to know you better! :) And it's really fun to share--a good conversation starter. haha!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you decide to share yours! If not, I understand. But you have one reader at least if you do.

**Edited because I used haha twice and it sounded unnatural**

Okay! But I hesitate to share not because of the members here, but of the non-members. You know what I mean?

And aww, I don't think I maintain SUCH a high quality...yet I hardly have much to write for apricotpie anymore because I'm working mainly on term papers - really long ones. I feel really bad, just thinking about it today how I posted over four months ago.

And I will do this, but I need to spend some time finishing some writing projects I didn't finish yet before...may take awhile.

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, yes. Definitely! I always hope this site gets well-intentioned traffic from outsiders but you never know. *sigh* Maybe we're all being catalogued in a database of Strange and Non-Conforming Homeschoolers right now.

In all seriousness, thanks again for reading this! :) Good luck to you with everything you have going on! I hope to read a piece of yours soon, whether it's this or something else. :)

I have to say this was quite an interesting read; enjoyable and humorous. It's an interesting idea, and it does reveal a bit about the person. I may also do this. But I'm also with Megan in that I'm not sure if I want to post this here on apricotpie. Maybe I should just make it into an essay, because I really ought to post something... :P

Anyways, thanks for the read.

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Hahaha, this was funny. The one about food being on your face made me laugh out loud, as well as the one about having an attitude ;). I'll probably do this at some point.

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Enjoyed very much! I was quite surprised because I've just finished writing mine and then reading yours I was like "whoa, some of our answers are similar!"
Anyway, I have got to scoot. I'll comment later with my favourite bits but right now I have the bustiest time. Bye!

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Aw I love this!!! Really good, and hahaha! Love all your answers, can't think of one I don't like! Hahaha! I'll write mine out tomorrow since I have a two hour drive to a football game :/ !!! And I'll try to read yours Maddi soon!
Loved!!! Haha!

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Thank you, guys!

Arthur--Thanks for reading it! This is a rather self-indulgent post to make but I enjoy reading others' and I thought I'd contribute. :) If you post yours, I'd be glad to read it! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you thought it was funny!

Damaris Ann--Oh, whew! Thank goodness! I'm glad I'm not the only one. If I'm standing in a crowded store by myself I can't resist pulling it out, just to appear busy. Standing there looking around by myself is one of the most awkward things ever to me! :O Anyway, thanks for your comment! I appreciate it!

Erin--haha! Yay, I'm glad! And luckily it wasn't a really enormous amount of food. And it was dark. So that's my saving grace. Can't wait to read yours! Thank yooooou, lovely Erin!

Maddi--Thank you! :) Maybe it's the name-twin thing?? ;) We seem to do that a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading yours! Again, thanks for the comment!

Kass--Thanks! :D Yay! Post it when you're done? I'd love to read! Hope you have a good drive and TOMORROW!!! DCSAF! :)