Adonza Lorenzo

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This is just something I thought of having been reading the story of Don Quixote. If you haven't read it, it's really quite good. But Don Quixote is a gentleman who makes believe he is a knight and goes throughout the country seeking adventures. He chose a young woman to be 'his lady', whose name was Adonza Lorenzo of the city of Toboso, but he changed it to be more like what a knights lady should have, and he called her 'Dulcinea del Toboso' when she was really only a country girl who had smiled at him years ago. The book say she was 'handsome' and that he thought she must have grown up to be very fair. So here it is, short and unedited :) Enjoy

Now, though Don Quixote had made the fair Dulcinea to be his lady, she still remained Adonza Lorenzo living near the town of Toboso.
Now Adonza was a handsome maiden and therefore had many of the country lads living about Toboso to choose from for they were all readily willing to take her in marriage.
Now it came upon a day, in fact the day after that Don Quixote had set out for the third time upon his ventures as a knight-errant, and, having told his squire, Sancho Panza that they must go to Toboso to do homage to his lady, that they passed by Adonza Lorenzo's cottage and stopped to water their horses, but she remained inside and watched in awe as the knight mounted his horse.
"Ah mother!" She said, turning to her dear mother, "a knight is at the watering hole. I wish to meet him!"
There was no way for the poor girl to know what a gaunt old fellow he was, for his helmut was upon his head and his back to her.
Her mother put a restraining hand on her arm and said
"My dear, you cannot acquaint yourself with him, if he plays at being a knight he must have lost his senses. There have not been knights about since my grandsires time. Now come and finish with your bread, it's risen quite enough."
So Adonza Lorenzo turned to her bread, but as she looked through the window, Don Quixote looked up from his horse and seeing her he raised his hand in greeting, and she smiled at him. Don Quixote turned to Sancho and said "Come, Sancho, we must hurry to Toboso to meet my lady" and he mounted his horse, and left not knowing that he had just seen the lady herself, for she had grown up since he last saw her years before. And he rode towards Toboso to meet the woman who, in his head had grown in beauty and wealth exceeding any other.

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Awesomesauce!! :D Now you need to write some more fan fiction of was too short :P <3

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