Dear Future Husband,

Submitted by Keri on Sun, 10/04/2015 - 23:14

Dear Future Husband,

Yes, I know you know me, and I know you. With letters like this, usually they're written to an idea of a man. But you're here, you're real, and you're already all mine.

I have loved you for so long. Before we met, I loved the idea of the man I would spend the rest of my life with, but let me tell you that nothing, no idea, no hope, no dream, NOTHING compares to the reality of the man you are. I love so much that I have the privilege of being with you. To be honest, I'm writing a book about how much I love you. A book that will never end. This letter is just one page in this book.

I can't promise that my love for you will never change. What I promise to you is that my love for you will never doubt, and my love will never waiver. As we spend our years together, and I am lucky enough to see your face every day, my love can only grow stronger and deeper than it already is now.

I promise to support your dreams and your passions. I won't let you name any son of ours Bruce (maybe a cat), but I will fight anyone who thinks Superman is even close to as great as Batman. Besides that, I will stay up all night helping you with your projects and I 'll listen when you tell me what you want in life. I'll stay up all night for as long as I have to until I can help you achieve your dreams. Then, I'll charge full on ahead to the next one.

I promise to never let a fight or an unhappy moment defune how I feel about you. I promise to talk to you, and not about you when I have a problem. I promise to build with you, to grow with you, and to stay with you.

I promise to give you who I am, and to take you as you are.

I promise to always miss you when you're not with me, and to always be excited to see you again.

When I look at you, I know with my whole self that I want you forever. We're probably not going to be some perfect picture of love, but maybe we will be. All I know is that I will be putting all the work, love, and sacrifice into this marriage that is humanly possible. I will never give up on us.

Every time I look at you, I think "wow." You really are truly (I know you don't believe me) the most attractive, handsome man I have ever seen.

Life can't be scary when you're in the picture. You make things good, and you keep me safe.

I don't have some list of requirements to make me happy, or some things you need to know if you're going to be my one and only. I just ask that you be who you are, and to always love me for who I am. Keep doing what you're doing. You make me feel safe, cared for, and better than I ever was. You bring your concerns to me, and you listen to mine. You defend me, and you fight for me. You make me your lady. You do more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. Let's do this.


Your Future Wife

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I'm getting married.


Even though I hardly know you - I am so happy for you!! You must be so happy. :) God bless your wedding and life together!

PS beautiful.

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Oh, this is beautiful. I am so happy for you, Keri! Congratulations on your engagement.
PS., I'm with you. Batman is definitely superior to Superman.

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This is so beautiful. Love is a commitment, a sacrifice. Marriage vows were running through my head.
I am so happy for you. I don't even know you yet I am thrilled. May God bless you! Both of you!

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Congratulations Keri! Not that I have much expertise in this area, but marriage is a wonderful thing. The attitude you have is very encouraging. Very sweet letter.

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This is so very sweet! Your happiness radiates from these words. :) Is this going to be your vows, if you don't mind me asking? Congratulations to you!

Also, totally off subject, but the title of this (Dear Future Husband) reminded me of that awful Meghan Trainor song, and I must say: YOURS IS INFINITELY BETTER.

So happy for you, Keri :) A thousand congratulations! Thanks for sharing, it was beautiful.
I also thought "are these going to be their vows?" *inward squeal*

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