The Silly Season

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* Pre note: I actually started writing this at the start of December...maybe even before...

Hey Guys!

Christmas is coming up fast, isn’t it? Over here, it’s known as the ‘silly season’. Hence the title.

For most of you, the anticipation of the season includes hot drinks, cosy jumpers (sweaters, whatever) and snuggling up with a good book. For me, it means turning on the air conditioner, making cold snacks and figuring out how to not sweat my clothes in public (or at home, for that matter).

As some of you know from comments, I have just commenced online University. I’m still getting over the fact! It happened all very quickly. I’m sure you are busting to know what I’m studying, so here it is, a unit in each of the following: Academic Literacies, Sociological Foundations, Statistics, and Psychology, plus two prep units.

*** actual day that I post ***

SO, Christmas is next week isn’t it? Yeah…so’s my assignment…

I really don’t have any fancy insight on Christmas this year…no sentimental tidbits…no wonderful inspirational Christmas décor ideas…no thoughts on whether “Christians should celebrate Christmas” or not…

All I have, pretty much, is just some well wishes for you guys. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Almost every year, I have had a wonderful six weeks holiday from school and annoying things over the Christmas period. This year is different…I related to mum yesterday “I’m actually going to have to still study on Christmas Day”. Sad, isn’t it? It’s going to be my life for the next year…even though it’s stressful for the moment, I think I’ll enjoy it.

Anyway, I have to get back to studying. It’s a fun life, isn’t it?

Love to you guys all,

Maddi xx

Oh, and just for the record, I completed all my Christmas shopping before the end of November
* smug smile *. Just to make those of you jealous who are still doing last minute presents ;)

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I really do wish you all a Merry Christmas! For me, Christmas is more about spending time with family than anything cherish time with your loved ones this season :)


Merry Christmas to you, my name twin! It's funny--we're both doing it backwards! I actually started my job/school at the beginning of the summer, so I had class 2x a week and had to write speeches, plus I worked 3-5 days a week. I had free time, still, and a break but I didn't felt like I had much of a summer. I've been in school since then and JUST finished my semester yesterday; the relief is immense. So I know what you're going through, although I'm willing to bet you're a more responsible studier than I am! I get a monthlong break, though, and I'm THRILLED! It's just so funny; you're pretty much working through the summer like I did, just two seasons later. Hang in there, and be proud! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Enjoy your holiday!

Merry Christmas Maddi, and to all on AP!

I hear you on school over Christmas, though I just heard from a friend who'll be working on Christmas Eve . . . so I guess studying at home isn't quite as sad as that . . .

Enjoy ice cream with your family as I celebrate with hot cocoa with mine!

Maddi, this brought christmas cheer over here! It's not even cold here - has not even reached the 30s yet! Very strange. The nights will be low 60s!
Merry Christmas to you and all!
Christmas has come so quickly this year for me. This post made me laugh. "no thoughts on whether “Christians should celebrate Christmas” or not…All I have, pretty much, is just some well wishes for you guys. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year."
Have fun studying! Why not on Christmas? I love studying. For real. I don't want to graduate. :)

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Homey--Ah, my name twin! I've learnt my lesson....never ever start uni when it's the craziest season of the year...
WHAT HOLIDAY??? Haha...Merry Christmas!

Hannah: Well...I AM WORKING ON CHRISTMAS EVE. At my part time job, waitressing. I think I'd rather that than try and study though...for studying your brain has to work it has to work in a completely different way!

Megan: Oh wow! I have a friend who went over to New York because the family wanted a white Christmas...I hope it snows on the day!
I don't mind studying, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I didn't want to graduate :)

Merry Christmas guys! Thankyou for the comments :)

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Merry Christmas Maddi! And everyone else!
(I need to go wrap some presents now...)

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