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Over snow-tipped peaks the sun ascends
Lavender dewdrops tossed by the winds
Grey tweed and a yellow dotted Swiss
To the young couple a walk of bliss
Eyes and hearts join the lips to smile
Tender whispers to fill the while
Fingertips brush lavender dewdrops
The sun's rays peep through piney tree-tops
Grey tweed, on one knee, pleads with the Swiss
Mister found his Missus in the Miss
A courting walk ended with lovers
A simple romance, just like others

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I wish I knew the inspiration for this lovely poem! Your wording and word play is very well done! I loved thinking of these two lovers walking in the snow together, in fur coats and rosy cheeks.... But is that the wrong image?
This is lovely! Great job!

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No, Kass; that's the PERFECT image!!
As far as inspiration for my poem, I'm afraid it's mostly from an insomniatic night plus a few thoughts on my own lovely romance. :) there are a few symbolic things that I can point out.
Lavender is a big "thing" with me right now. Soon after Arthur and I were engaged we went out to an ice cream shop called Salt 'N' Straw where we met Arthur's two best friends. Arthur and I both got Lavander ice cream cones and ever since then I've been obsessed with lavender. :) the mountains and pine trees are in the story because I fell in love with them when I was with Arthur's family. Well, I mostly saw Douglas Fir trees but Arthur loves pine trees. :)
I mainly was trying to be picturesque with my word choice. It appears that I succeeded! Yay! :)
Thanks so much for your lovely comment. :)

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