The Finch

Submitted by Kassady on Mon, 07/04/2016 - 04:43

Rosy feathers flutter,
Like excitable jazz hands,
And little scaled feet tap
A rhythmic beat,
Hopping from place to place.
He flitters with a song,
Trilling melodic tunes
From his rounded beak,
With a loud mouth for a small thing.
He is hard to catch,
A pink breasted finch
Too restless to sit still
And a habit of shy confidence.
But in my dreams I hold him still
And stroke his soft feathered head
As he sings sweetly,
A chirp of adoration,
A fowls appreciation.
The finch is a branch bird
That sits with others wings,
They surround with black beaks
And sing a social song,
Which could go on all day long.
I watch from my window,
Streak of pink from the skies,
And I sigh bitter-sweetly
Knowing dreams cannot create nets
Or gold rimmed cages
For holding beasts of frivolity.
Pink breasted finches
Know not of friendly eyes
Neither do they know my heart
A beating to their tapping feet.
But why cage such pretty a thing
When a pet knows not
How to love,
Only to sing of freedom
And cry with black beaded eyes,
Pink feathers wilting
Under the stress of loyalty.

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Playing around with symbolism... Tell me if this poem is completely obvious in its storyline ;) if there is a storyline?



I kept repeating these lines to myself:
"Pink feathers wilting
Under the stress of loyalty."
So gorgeous...

Oh, I love this so much. All of it, the whole thing--you rendered such a quaint, vivid picture and the feeling of longing was potent. This reminded me of the Chinese Proverb (the first word that came to mind was 'idiom', but that was wrong, so I had to google) "It is the beautiful bird which gets caged." And it's so insane true, and it applies to life, too. Basically people are burdened by beauty. :P And the little bird in this story would have been no different, if not for the kind and lovely soul of its spectator. ;) This is so wonderfully written!

I love the deeper thought you took away from this and the Chinese proverb, how beautiful! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm thrilled the way it turned out for different readers, I'm glad that I captured my thoughts (which is hard to do most days) in a way that people can (if not relate to) compare and appreciate.

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
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