Maroon's Song

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Mon, 08/08/2016 - 04:03

World, I heard the lyrics that you sing
I’ve felt the pain that false love brings
I know the dark of depths of woe
I’ve seen the scars that few will show.

World, even music breathes your lies
Says hope’s sun sets in paradise
That sin’s allure’s your only happiness
But cannot reach eternal bliss.

World, your hope is fleeting, slipping fast
Your art reflects it; but, alas,
Your billions of feet tread the broadened path
That holds destruction in its grasp.

I turn off the song, the words fade away
But your fate is in my mind to stay.
Father, if You can use a girl like me
Begin revival—Here am I—send me!

Author's age when written

This poem was actually inspired by culture. I'm a musician, and so I am very interested in the way music impacts culture, and how musicians, both Christian and non-Christian, have an enormous impact on the current generation. There's a band called Maroon 5, that actually writes very good music (in a musical sense), but whos lyrics are not exactly Biblical (lol, who knew??). This poem was inspired by one of their songs. (If you can tell me which one, brownie points! Not. Don't want people out there intentionally listening to secular music because I told them so, lol). Anyways, this poem is a response to that song along with some of T. Swift's music. I beleive that it is an important part of our job as Christian artists in this rising generation to combat falsehood through art. So this poem was inspired by an effort to do that, in a small way.


I meant to comment on this ages ago...I love it. And ditto to Nerrys; that last stanza is perfection. :)

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