To The Sunset We Go! (Plus some)

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Thu, 01/26/2017 - 02:08

To the sunset we go!
To be safe in the celestial glow
Is the perfect paradisal
Scene past my own surmisal.

To the sky!
We take, we fly,
On wings of gold
To the land of old.

Tír Na Nóg calls our names,
My love, it calls our names,
Above the world it calls our names.

My love, take my hand,
Take my trust.
My bonny love, let's leave the land
In the night and golden dust.

To the sunrise we take!
Never return the tale!
The future is ours to make
In the headwinds, my lass, let's sail.

Tír Na Nóg calls our names,
My love, it calls our names,
Above the world it calls our names.
Sha ta co niog scum ne rivna
Sha ta co niog naga Tír Na Nóg
Naga Tír Na Nóg

(A Faerie's Lullaby: I wrote this piece as a lullaby for faeries in another story I'm working on called Leatherbound. Tir Na Nog is a Scottish myth of the afterlife. At the end is a verse from the ballad, Tir Na Nog. I've only heard it by Celtic Woman.)


In my hot air balloon I go!
Over the mountains I sail!
I smile to see the sun scintillate on the snow
To see it twinkle and shine, as I blaze this trail!

I draw forth my map,
I make for my destination.
Flicking my compass,
I look up and see the sun’s coronation

A crown of clouds, glor’ously lace
The mighty light’s celestial face.

In my hot air balloon I go!
Worlds, fantastic, I will see!
Through a creek of headwinds I row
To find the home for me!

There goes a gull!
Higher it flies!
Past where I can make it
In the path not for I

Because the sun waits for me!
Crowned in clouds so glor’ously!

(I was in a steampunk/Victorian Age mood.)


I am

The wind in a whisper
The sifting through the trees
The quiet of a snowfall
The buzzing of the bees

I am

The storm of lightning
The thunder in a roll
The pitiful sound of
Teeth chattering in the cold

I am

The gentility of a mother
The malice of a foe
I am both the sweetness and destruction of
Firstly fallen snow
I am

(I wrote this because I like Winter.)

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Oh, wow -- your poetry is something incredibly unique and new. I couldn't believe your age when I saw it. (13?!) You have a STRONG voice. I loved "paradisal" and "surmisal" (I actually had to look it up to see if it was a word, and you're right -- it's a "rare form of surmise") and I'm stealing "headwinds": also never heard of that. Bravo! I LOVED to see Gaelic in your poetry, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Bethany: Aw, thank you, Sarah! I love your comments, honestly.
Yes I've been writing poetry for years now and I'm studying poetry and Shakespearean literature for school. So, technically, poetry is homework, so I get to compose even more :) thanks again for your comment!
Ps isn't Gaelic amazing?!

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