Neither Am I Worthy

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Mon, 02/06/2017 - 03:55

Neither am I worthy
To go as He didst go
For I in faith to lose myself
Would be not such a woe
And so now I am waking up
As I am put to sleep
Mine eyes are op'ed and lifted up
As physic'lly are my feet
So mercy rains upon my head
And Love looks down on me
While hands are pierced as His once were
And peace makes fear to flee

For me to die is such a gain
I dared not hope to have
While death's sharp sting is cancelled out
In light of His pure blood

"I come; I come!" My Lord I see
The water ebbs with last dark tide
As heaven's portals ope' for me
And now at last I'm glorified
For Christ, oh! Christ is on His throne
His glory's light is shed around
Life's embers for me were snuffed out
And now burn brightly in my crown
'Tis golden bright, and beaming glows
I thrust it from off of my brow
And cast it downwards at His feet
At last! I cry as He bends low
"Well done, my child." His voice divine
He speaks with all His royal tones
My faith so weak has turned to sight
I worship, joyful, at his throne

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I was recently pondering on the life and death of Peter (the apostle), and today's sermon touched on him somewhat. Christ through him is so inspiring to me. I complain over the splinters in my cross which (as of yet) I have not even had to carry; yet Peter counted himself as unworthy to suffer through the same death as Christ and asked to be crucified upside down. It inspired me to write this poem.


This is powerful, Damaris. It sees the beautiful eternity, the true reality, as a faithful servant of Christ is brutally murdered in a time of deep darkness in the shadowlands below.
I think this might be my favorite poem of all the ones you've posted so far.

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This is beautiful. Not going to lie, I actually shed a tear or two. Such a glorious, GLORIOUS redemption our God has prepared for us. A few of my favorite lines in this one are "Life's embers for me were snuffed out; And now burn brightly in my crown" and "My faith so weak was turned to sight; I worship, joyful, at his throne". Thank you for this, dear sister!

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